Morphe 12pc Brush Set only £11!! Get Yours Now!

I’m always trying to build up my brush collection, don’t get me wrong I love my Real Techniques, Eco Tools and Zoeva brushes more than anything but when doing a complex eye look or when you haven’t washed your brushes for a week (guilty) or so  you’re very limited as to what you can use. This is where this amazing set comes in.

For just £11.25 (Beauty Bay) you can treat yourself to the following;
Brow Groomer, Spoolie Brush, Flocked Sponge Brush, Pointed Liner Brush, Angled Liner Brush, Soft Fan Brush, Smudger Brush, Oval Lip Brush, Chisel Fluff Brush, Oval Fluff Brush, Tapered Blush Brush and Tapered Powder Brush.
All of the above are cruelty-free and come in a fabulous roll up case, making the brushes perfect for travel.Now I’m not the type of person to lie to you, so I am not going to. They aren’t the best. They do the job, and they’d be perfect for somebody starting a collection or someone like myself who just wishes to bulk out their collection for when a crazy complex look is about to take place. But unlike other brushes I own they aren’t as soft and don’t blend as seemlessly due to this.

Aside from this, I suppose I shouldn’t complain as you’re paying less than you would usually pay for just one brush. In conclusion you get what you pay or in terms of brushes, or do you know any cheap sets which are great quality at a great price?For £11, I say get yourself  a set, there always going to come in handy, and it’s hardly breaking the bank.



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