The Best Dry Shampoo You Will Ever Try

I am a big believer in dry shampoo, especially because I hate washing my hair so much. Honestly I was my hair once maybe twice a week. So as you can imagine when it gets to day 4 hair dry shampoo is my lifesaver.

I’ve tried so many different brands see Dry Shampoo 101, but Urban Fudge has always taken the biscuit.. Until now.

When recently nipping into Superdrug to pick up my favourite dry shampoo I noticed that Batiste had a new range and me being the optimist decided to just buy one and try it out. The one I went for is from the dry shampoo plus range and it contains almond to nourish and enrich the hair (£3.99, Superdrug). Sounds like a dream right? Well it kind of is!

First off it smells delicious. I personally love almond everything which is the main reason I was drawn to it in the first place but this scent is on another level. Unlike other dry shampoos it also doesn’t seem to have a majorly white cast when you apply the product. I mean it’s there don’t get me wrong but it isn’t stark white and once rubbed in it is definitely invisible.

The best best best thing about this product is that it doesn’t build up. The nourishing side of this product is on point. It doesn’t go tacky even if you apply it three days in a row (yes I have been that lazy) it gives volume, texture and it does genuinely feel like it nourishes your hair.

If you have dry, coloured or damaged hair this dry shampoo will be the one for you. Trust me.

Have you tried any other dry shampoos from the plus range?

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6 thoughts on “The Best Dry Shampoo You Will Ever Try

  1. This is my favourite too and yes I’m just as lazy as you with washing my hair…I actually like their coloured dry shampoos too as long as you don’t over do it x

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