LLAP – Star Trek Collection x MAC

I am obsessed with Star Trek, and the newest film Star Trek Beyond is the best film I have seen all year. It was amazing, so before I get into the lipstick if you haven’t already seen it, go before it isn’t in the cinemas anymore!

Then I was browsing instagram as per usual and couldn’t believe my eyes. A STAR TREK X MAC COLLECTION. If dreams could come true this is one of mine! Now personally, I have never bought anything from a MAC collection as they have never appealed to me, I feel like you’re paying more for a product which you could just get in original MAC packaging, but this my friends was a completely different ball game.

LLAP – an icy rose champagne lipstick (£17, MAC Cosmetics), something unlike any other lipsticks which I own. And surprisingly so on trend. Metallic lips are everywhere at the moment and I thought what better to go for, than not only a MAC product, but a Star Trek product all the same.

First of all I like that the packaging isn’t completely different to the other lipsticks I own as it means that they all still look like a cute bunch together. And the scent is exactly the same as a usual MAC lipstick, so you just know it’s gonna be good. That sweet vanilla scent is what lipstick lover dreams are made of.

Upon opening the lipstick I was soooooo excited. It just looks amazing, and looks like something you could see being worn in outer space (haha), making it all the more Star Trek -esque. The finish of this lipstick is a frost, not anything I would usually go for, but it is what gives it the iridescent metallic finish which you can see in the swatches.

I went for LLAP (Live Long and Prosper) as it looked like the most neutral of the lipsticks in the collection, there are also 3 other lipsticks and many other products in the collection. And my goodness, it is beautiful (how many times do you think I can big up this product?). It looks super interesting on it own and I can imagine that it would also look amazing as a lip topper over different coloured lipstick. Deep purple lips with this over the top would look amazing for the colder upcoming months. YAAAAAAAASSSS.

Have you had any items from the Star Trek collection that you think are worth buying?

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2 thoughts on “LLAP – Star Trek Collection x MAC

  1. I’m exactly the same, nothing from any of the collections has jumped out at me but I bought the Kling It On lipstick and one of the metallic eyeliners and I’m obsessed with them both! So wishing I’d bought this now as well though! I might have to get it too, it looks so gorgeous on!

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