How to Create the perfect Cool Toned Brown Without Buying Yet Another Lipstick.

Brown lips are bloody everywhere and it’s fantastic. From nude Browns to deep rich Browns you can buy them all but I’ve found it particularly difficult to find a rich cool toned brown lipstick on the high street, they all very much lean towards the nude side when cool toned. So I decided to have a play with my own lipsticks and here is what I found. 

I’m sure many of you do it already but mixing lipsticks is the easiest way to triple the possibilities within your makeup. It’s just a case of knowing what shades to mix to get the right colour which is the biggest problem. If you, like myself, have been craving a cool toned deep brown shade. Well I have the combination for you here. 

Brown lipliner + Deep Chocolate Lipstick + Bright Bubblegum Pink Lipstick = Cool Toned Brown

I start by lining my lips with the brown lipliner. The one I’m using is Primarks own in Browni and it was only £1. I don’t cover the complete lip I just use it to outline and shape my lips as I want them as the lipstick I’m about to use is very creamy and easily moveable. 

Next, I take the deep brown lipstick. I’m using Revlons Chocoliscious (£7.99, Boots) and building up the colour all over the lips. Now don’t get me wrong this colour is absolutely gorgeous but it’s very warm toned and rich. This is where the final part of the concoction comes in.. 

Beauty UK Matte Lipstick in Cupcake (£3.47, Amazon). This lipstick is a blue-toned bubblegum pink. This makes it perfect for toning down the warmth in the Revlon lipstick. I always start by adding it to the centre of the lips and then patting it out to ensure that the pink doesn’t go outside the lipline and blow your cover. I keep adding slowly until I reach the desired effect. 

And as you can see it doesn’t take away the deepness of the brown as the pink is not strong enough to overpower the colour it simply tones down the warmth within the lip colour. Perfecto. 

Do you have any lip combinations you love for changing the tone of a lipstick? Let me know. 

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