Why Tweezerman Tweezers are Worth Every Penny

We use them for tweezing stray brow hairs, plucking our mono brows, getting rid of those eleven foot long hairs we find here there and everywhere and we even use them to apply lashes. Tweezers are an everyday essential of any beauty lovers life and I have found the ultimate pair. 

These mini slant tweezers may be small but they do the job intended with great ease I don’t think you even need a regular pair. They even come in the cutest little travel tube. (ASOS, £12.50

The slant gives you the ability to get even those fair hairs which often linger around your brow line and become unsightly when you apply your under eye highlight. And although small you can still grab multiple hairs if needed to at one time. The best thing about them which I find is what makes them so much better than the cheap ones you can buy on the high street is that the grip on them is amazing. They really clamp down when you’re about to pluck yourself making it quick and ultimately less painful. 

If you don’t already own a pair of Tweezermans I would highly recommend them. I will never look to the high street again. 

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