Are you like me? Do you constantly crave getting the Balm Mary Lou Luminizer highlighter that every blogger and their dogs rave about but just never seem to pick it up. Or are you running low and simply need to restock? Well now my friends, there is an offer on ASOS you can’t refuse.

For the price of the Mary LouManizer alone, you can also get a sample size of a lipgloss, eyeshadow AND blusher. Why am I still even writing, the link is right here!
>>>EXCLUSIVE: Mary Lou Luminizer & Free Mini Collection, £17.50, ASOS<<<

The deal is real and I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to snap something up so bad!

First off the highlighter is a make up lovers dream, everything you’ve ever heard about it is true! It’s a gorgeous creamy champagne colour which applies so smoothly you’ll want to brush it all over your face never mind just on your cheekbones! I can’t believe I’ve never purchased it before now!

The lipgloss.. oh the lipgloss. You get it in the shade BAM! which is a rosy nude tone and it’s so pigmented! I’m not really a lipgloss fan but I can see this being a great product to have in your handbag if you want to just throw something on as it will go with any look, be it day or night!

Next up we have the Meet Matt(e) eyeshadow in Matt Moskowitz
This is a gorgeous deep purple shade which again is extremely high in pigment! The shade will be perfect for the upcoming months and I can see it being great to use as a one colour smokey eye!

Finally is the mini In Stain Blush in Swiss Dot
This is a rich peach shade with a real punch of colour to it. I have actually already worn this out as as the name suggests it is a blush which does actually stick around! The colour is great as it is universal for warm toned or cool toned make up looks.

I think not only that this free mini collection is a great perk to buying the Luminizer but it has also really impressed me in terms of the pigment and quality of the product. The Balm is definitely a brand I will be looking into more in terms of different products, so watch this space..

p.s. The Balm is also a cruelty free brand, BONUS.

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22 thoughts on “ATTENTION: A Must Have From ASOS – LINK IN POST!

  1. You do hear so much about this luminizer. I’ve also never purchased it. But you get so much stimuli from YouTube that it becomes difficult to choose, if you are on a budget… My next purchase will be the Power of Makeup from Nikkietutorials x Toofaced… But this highlighter is definitely on my wishlist!

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    1. Oh it definitely should be on your wishlist. It really does live up to the hype! I’ve heard mixed reviews about the Nikkie Tutorials palette so if you do one you must let me know so I can see what your thoughts are! xx


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