An Essentials Superdrug Haul (aka ‘The Granny Shop’)

The granny shop? Yes, this is what I call my bi-monthly shop where you just need to top up on some essential items, be it skincare, make up or hair things. This month’s top up however was a bit more exciting than usual so here’s what I purchased..

We’ll start with the boring bits first;
Gilette Venus Swirl Razor & 3 Blades (£9.99, Superdrug)
It’s been about a year since I got my last full Venus razor so though instead of going ahead and buying new blades I’d get this pack which contains not only 3 blades but also the swirl handle razor which is supposed to ensure the razor shaves nicely over awkward areas like knees. That sounds pretty exciting and for some reason makes me think it’s going to be the razor equivalent of the Dyson Rollerball. Don’t ask hahaha!

Solait Tanning Mitt (£3.49, Superdrug)
This has been truly needed for a long time, which is the reason I haven’t really tanned in so long. My old mitt was looking so manky it’s embarrassing and this one’s pink which is super cute!

This brings us nicely onto the tan;
Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam in Dark (£9.95, Superdrug)
This is a brand I’ve always been curious to try as I remembering seeing plenty of Youtubers who raved about it saying it smelt delicious and was a great colour. I have tried this once so far and my goodness, it smells like a coconut lovers dream. The colour wasn’t as dark as I had hoped for but I was pretty pale before the application, but the tones of it look very natural. I’m excited to try it again and 25p from every sale of this product goes to the charity Marie Curie which is fab!!

Bondi Sands Everday Gradual Tanning Milk (£7.95, Superdrug)
If you are a follower of my blog you will know that I use my tanning foams in line with a gradual tan to ensure that the colour is topped up between my weekly tanning sessions. So it only seems right that I bought the sister product for the mousse tan. This smells of cocoa butter which is to die for and you get a hefty 375ml. Perfect!

Collection Glam Crystals Eyeliner in Rock Chick (£2.99, Superdrug)
I already have the colour Glitz from this product and I love it to use as an inner corner glitter especially now it’s coming upto the festive period. This black one I thought would be perfect over a black wing liner to really make it pop and give that extra glam!

BARGAIN ALERT! b. Youthful Foundation in Honey (£3, Superdrug)
This foundation is my current most reached for in my collection. Not only is it moisturising but it’s a great colour match which provides medium but buildable coverage. It’s also a great foundation to use inline with others. Personally I love to mix it with my MAC Studio Face & Body to give my MAC a greater coverage. If you haven’t tried it before and are similar in skin tone and texture to me (I’m normal/dry) I couldn’t recommend this foundation enough.

Do you call an essentials trip a granny shop or is that just me?

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10 thoughts on “An Essentials Superdrug Haul (aka ‘The Granny Shop’)

  1. I swear by the Bondi Sands dark foam, it lasts ages! But I did try the foam version of the Bondi Sands everyday tanner and was so disappointed, it gave me a strange reaction, what’s your thoughts on the tanning lotion?

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    1. I’ve only used it once so far so I wouldn’t want to give my full opinion as I haven’t used it as it gradually should be. But my boyfriends first comment was that I stunk of tan. The colour was good though and it’s only now i need to probably top up. For reference I tanned fully on Friday 21st and used the gradual once on Thursday just gone. So it’s done pretty well! X

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