JEFFREE STAR WEEK: Liquid Velour Lip in Nude Beach

Jeffree, Jeffree, Jeffree. He is everywhere right now, with the release of his new Lip Ammunition lipsticks, the fact you can now buy his products on Beauty Bay (hurrah!) and his products being used in so many YouTubers videos left right and centre it’s hard not to have heard about him or his cosmetics. And in celebration of all of these reasons we will be dedicating this weeks posts to him.

To start off the week I will be swatching and reviewing the Summer Collection Shade Nude Beach (£16, Beauty Bay).
First off I am loving the summer edition limited edition packaging of the yellow and pink, I see it and instantly think of cocktails. When you open up the tube the smell of watermelon hits you face on, and my goodness it is goooood! (and may I add a nice change from the usual root beer scent)

This colour, yes. Nude Beach is a creamy peach colour. Perfect for wearing alone or mixing in with other lip products.

The consistency of this liquid lipstick is to die for, Jeffree Star is actually my ride or die liquid lipstick product, there’s no other I have tried quite like it, (recommendations are however welcome) >>Jeffree Star Liquid Lips – The Best of All Time – Mannequin<< and this colour is no exception. It is fully opaque creamy colour from one swipe and dries down to a lightweight matte finish within seconds. No gloop or gunk, no streakiness, no need to layer up. Basically, amazing.

The watermelon scent although quite strong disappears as the product dries down meaning if you’re not a big fan of watermelons it won’t stick around for long! The actual product itself however does stick around, pretty much until you take it off. I find with the nuder colours they tend to be more forgiving but unless you’ve had an oily meal or a full on make out session (cheeky), there shouldn’t really be any need to reapply. I also find that it doesn’t dry out the lips during the day which gives it even more bonus points.

Overall I think this colour is a must have and it’s also vegan and cruelty free! Although peachy and very ‘summery’ there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work all year round. I’ve actually also mixed it with Mannequin to create a slightly darker peach nude which is also perfection (instagram of this lip will be up soon, so follow me on there!).

Do you have any Jeffree Star products that you love? I’d love to hear from you, so link your posts or recommendations below!

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16 thoughts on “JEFFREE STAR WEEK: Liquid Velour Lip in Nude Beach

    1. Personally none of us actual know him. We only know his media presence and you can’t judge someone from that because it’s not a true representation of character. And hey his make ups bloody good so if you like it buy it!


      1. By buying his products you aren’t associated with him you’re buying from a brand not a person.


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