Blood Dripping Nails for Halloween

I am not one to shy away from festive nails whether it be Christmas, Valentines or Halloween so as it’s coming ever closer I decided it was time to get my thinking cap on and get myself some gory nails!

Now, as I do pretty much everytime before I make my way to the nail salon I whack out Pinterest for some p-inspiration. I had an idea in my head of blood splatters of some form as although I love Halloween having pumpkins, spiders and webs on my nails just aren’t going to go with my costume for the night (don’t worry I’ll do a post on that soon, for now it’s all a suprise).
I came across this amazing picture of nail art and knew this was exactly what I had been looking for and upon showing it to my nail tech we both got a little too excited over the prospect of congealed blood stiletto nails.

There is no base colour on my nail we went straight in with the drips, she used a brighter red first with a dotting tool and after that had set she went in with a dark cherry red to darken up and create the ombre effect as you can see in the original image. This gives the blood the congealed effect and I am officially obsessed with them!
As she used a dotting tool the art itself is also slightly raised making it look even more creepy!

Do you have any festive Halloween nail plans? I’d love to see!!


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