I Threw Away My Mascara = Tesco to the Rescue

Yep. You heard that right. I threw away my mascara, not on purpose, not at all. Completely by accident. I was sorting through my make-up as I was putting it away and I could of sworn blind it was my old one, so in the bin it went. Luckily I did have a sample size MAC mascara from a purchase I made the other month, so not all was lost when I went to put on my mascara the next day. However, mascara is an essential, so off to Tesco’s I went..

Now, I don’t know about you, but I am not a mascara snob in any way shape or form. It’s actually very rare I repurchase the same mascara and I just enjoy trying out new ones, be it from the high street or a more expensive one. Doesn’t bother me.

Currently, I am skint. Well, no I’m not actually skint it’s coming upto payday and all of my money is in my savings, so I am living off the bare minimum in order to save for a house. This meant when choosing my mascara it was more about what was the cheapest/what’s on offer/what looks good value for money.

Maybelline Colossal Smoky Eye Mascara
Maybelline Colossal Smoky Eye Mascara

After much deliberation, weird considering I’m a self-labelled non mascara snob. I went for a Maybelline mascara. This is due to the fact the past 3 mascaras I’ve had have also come from them, and I’ve rather enjoyed them/there was money off. Hooorah!

I went with the Maybelline Colossal Smoky Eyes Mascara in black, now I can’t find the black version on Tesco’s website only the brown, (£4.99, Tesco) but if you’re after the black find it in stores, or here’s a link to it on Boots website (£7.99, Boots).

Now you can see on the before and after pictures, it’s a decent enough mascara. It’s description explains that it’s collagen enriched maximising the lashes by 9 times the volume. I would say yes, it definitely increased the volume of the lashes don’t know if I would say by 9 times but it’s noticeable. It defines the lashes not leaving them clumpy and gives a nice wispy look to the lashes. The wand itself is pretty big, usually I prefer the small thin wands but I’m not one to complain at least I don’t have to use a tiny sample sized wand any more!

Not something would I have chosen given the fact I was after a cheap option but I am pleasantly surprised and if you too, like me, are on a budget or stupidly throw away your mascara and also have to do a panic buy at Tesco, this is one I would highly recommend.

What’s your favourite bargain mascara?


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19 thoughts on “I Threw Away My Mascara = Tesco to the Rescue

  1. Oooooe this mascara looks nice. It looks like my kind of mascara. However my favourite holy grail mascara is £1.99. It’s from Natural Collection and it’s their Lash Length Mascara. It adds a bit of volume but really helps to lengthen the lashes and it doesn’t make them look clumpy at all.

    I did a blog post on the Natural Collection mascara here: https://rubirubimakeup.wordpress.com/2016/10/18/natural-collection-lash-length-mascara/

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  2. I always use Maybelline for mascaras because they are so effective and affordable. My holy grail mascara is the Clinique lengthening effect (I think it’s called that) but the main one I use for day to day is Maybelline Lash Sensational! It is so incredible! Highly recommend it. X


    1. I’ve used the lash sensational before and I did really enjoy it. I haven’t used a mascara from Clinique before maybe I will give that a try. Thanks for the recommendation! X

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  3. I don’t really like Maybelline mascara because they clump my lashes and they look tacky. If I have to use a drugstore mascara I’d go with L’Oréal hands down. They are amazing and affordable

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    1. I used to love the telescopic before they cruelly took it away from us. I’ll be sure to check out their new mascara so soon if you have a favourite you could recommend? Xx

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      1. My favorite mascara is the miss manga mascara from L’Oréal. It separates your lashes and make them longer 😊 it gives a “false lashes” effect

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      2. I have this one!! It’s pretty good but I like the L’Oréal Fatale one which I prefer a tiny bit more! But I use both depending on my mood xx

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      3. I think the fatale one doesn’t smudge under the eye as much! The Manga one can leave a mark under my eye or on my lid if I’m not careful ! Also the fatale one fans out the lashes more 🙂 xx

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