The Ultimate Face Kit for £2.40.. (yes you read that correctly)

240 pennies doesn’t really get you much these days. But if you find one of these rare beauties in your local superdrug store I would snap one up fast, no matter your skin tone as they are an amazing addition to any make up lovers collection.

Now to my knowledge this kit comes in a light, medium and dark, however in my local superdrug it was only the dark version which they had left but no matter what your skintone this is an amazing kit which can suit many purposes.

Inside the kit I have, which is called the B. Face Kit – Dark, is a selection of cream products and one powder. You get a  cream foundation, concealer and highlight with a matching powder foundation to set your make up.

For someone like myself who is light/medium, this is a brilliant kit which serves many purposes, you can use it alone when tanned or when your tan begins to fade you can mix in the products with your usual foundation and concealer to create the right colour for your tanner self. Alternatively, when you are your usual lighter complexion, it’s brilliant to use as a cream bronzer product, which can also be set using the powder.

I find that the foundation in this kit is pretty high in coverage, but it can be sheered out using the right brushes, and it has a satin finish to it, this makes it perfect for mixing with other products as a little of this goes a long way meaning you can get a good amount of pigment with little product.

The concealer is very creamy and also has high pigmentation making it perfect for covering any blemishes or under eye/problematic areas for those with the same skin tone, or for those who would use this kit as a bronzing product, this is actually great for creating a natural cream based contour.

We then have the powder, this is brilliant to set any of the products above used, or can be used alone. As you can see from the photographs it has a sheer amount of coverage, but would be great to touch up any oiliness you may encounter during the day. For those with paler skin tones, it would also be great used alone as a powder natural bronzer.

Finally we have my favourite product from the kit. The cream highlighter. It is truly stunning. As you can see it has a gold reflect to it, which not only makes it absolutely gorgeous on darker skin tones, but equally as flattering on those with paler skin used as a blush topper.
This product is also great for multi-uses. It could be used as an eyeshadow base, an inner/brow bone highlight, also is creamy enough to use as a lip topper over a lipstick.

The possibilities are endless which is why I insist that if you manage to grab one before they disappear forever that you do. After all, they’re only £2.40!


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8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Face Kit for £2.40.. (yes you read that correctly)

  1. I have been wondering whether B. are getting rid of their make up products because they have been selling them for peanuts this year and can’t see any new, once they’re sold out they’re gone.

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