Chapped Lips Be Gone, These Bad Boys are in Town

It’s that time of year where although you want to wear lipstick 24/7 and the darker the better, your lips themselves are crying out for moisture. So, when this happens it’s time to crack out the big guns.. so here are my 3 favourite lip balms!

Nivea Lip Care Essential (£1.69, Superdrug)
This is possibly, joint with the next lip balm my favourite. I have just started a new tube and I think a true representation of how much you love a product is a) if you use it all and b) if you go on to repurchase. What I love about this balm is not only that it’s in a twisty tube which means I don’t need to get my fingers dirty but it is truly a balm. As in, there’s no glossy finish, just pure moisture. I also find that when using, I don’t have to reapply it too often as it keeps the moisture locked in. There’s no noticeable fragrance or taste and it’s perfect as a base for underneath lipsticks due to it’s non tacky finish. For the price especially it’s a product I think everyone needs in their life.

Carmex Lip Balm Moisture Tube (£2.59, Superdrug)
Now, much like the above, this tube is nearing the end meaning I must LOVE it. I find this a good night time lip balm. I like to layer it up thickly as I’m off to bed and when I wake up in the morning my lips are full, plump and soft. I have a strange love for the scent of Carmex, it definitely has a very recognisable scent which if you’re a Carmex user you will understand. It also has a very recognisable taste which is NOT my favourite, hence why I tend to put it on at night so I know I won’t be talking and non can accidentally make it’s way to my taste buds. I love the tube, as I remember back when I was younger it only ever came in a tub, however I find that when you’re nearing the end squeezing out is almost impossible, but my goodness is it worth it!

Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry (£2.09, Superdrug)
If we’re going on fun lip balms, if you could even call this ‘fun’ this is my favourite. Not only does it smell AMAZING, it also looks super fab on the lips. The pale pink cancels out any redness left from sore lips and it truly does nourish your lips leaving them softer. Although I am not a big fan of dipping my fingers, or should I say nails as my fingers won’t fit, into balms, this is a good exception and I find myself adding more and more onto my lips as it feels so silky smooth and the pale pink colour is one I really enjoy.

What’s your favourite lip balm?


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16 thoughts on “Chapped Lips Be Gone, These Bad Boys are in Town

  1. Love these type of posts! I’ll soon make a lip favorites again. But for super moisturized lips I love: Essence lip oil (super cheap), Catrice Lip Booster gloss (lip plumper, but so moisturizing) and my 1€ Cozz cosmetics Lip balm egg (which looks exactly like EOS)!

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  2. Totally agree with you. I personally swear by Nivea, even though I find them not always feeling that pleasant (especially the “flavoured” ones), but the basic blue one is amazing!


  3. Great post 😉 I also love Carmex! I have the cherry one and smells so good and leave your lips so smooooth! Other favorite ones are Frank body lip balm and EOS strawberry vanilla 🙂 not the cheapest ones in the market but they definitely do an excellent job.

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  4. I do love my Vaseline at night, and use whatever I have around (which is a lot) during the day. I have found that any lip balm with an SPF is drying on me anyway. I have something on my lips 24/7. As a result, my lip size has stayed the same since I was a teenager. When you get older your lips get thinner. I believe as a result of my constant use of a lip balm for the past 40 plus years has kept my lip size the same. Here’s a post I did with a side by side photo of my senior photo from high school and now. I’ve never had injections in my lips, and never will.

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