The Most Affordable Holy Grail Foundation? Milani 2in1 Perfect and Conceal.

There is a constant battle in every beauty lovers life, to find the holy grail perfect foundation. Even if we think we’ve found it we almost definitely still continue the quest for something even bigger and better. It’s like an obsession that can’t be stopped. Now, all of you who also are part of this constant battle, sit down.. there’s a contender in the ring.

Milani 2-in-1 Perfect and Conceal Foundation is definitely my current favourite foundation – my shade is Warm Beige – (£11, Beauty Bay). I bought it off Beauty Bay in my most recent haul >>>Read all about it here<<< after hearing GlamLifeGuru aka Tati constantly rave and go on about wearing it in all of her videos. If you watch any of her video’s you’ll know she does WTF Wednesdays where she reviews any ridiculously priced items. Many of the expensive foundations she compares to Milani and she nearly almost says she wouldn’t trade in her Milani for them, so it must be good right?

Yes. Now the first time I used it I was taken aback because it does have a very thick consistency however just one pump dotted around the face and then blended in is the perfect amount. The first time I just put it on my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (£5.99, Superdrug)and started dabbing. It sinks into the face quickly, which isn’t a bad thing at all (we’ll come back to this point later), so when I did this I ended up having to use another pump and it did get a bit cakey. So please note to ensure to spread the product out before blending in whether using a brush or a sponge.

The finish of the foundation is seen as soon as it’s applied, as just mentioned it sinks into the skin and dries down pretty quickly meaning you don’t get that ‘wet’ sort of face where you have to either wait for it to dry down or powder if you need to rush out the door. It has a gorgeous satin effect, and as someone with skin more towards the dry side I find that it doesn’t cling to any patches or break up throughout the day. This is a rare occurrence in the more affordable foundation world, so big big thumbs up to Milani.

The longevity of this is amazing! Since I’ve started wearing it and testing it out for the past week or two I’ve found that I don’t need to touch up as I usually would throughout the day. I’m not saying it’s as perfect as when I’ve first applied it eight hours later, but it definitely isn’t worn enough to have to put more product on. The only reason why you’d need to top up is if you were about to go to a party and needed to have a flawless face. Nevertheless when first applied it does give medium to high coverage and it looks pretty natural on the face. So if you were getting ready for a party it does give a flawless look if you apply a couple of thin layers to ensure the product doesn’t cake up.

Overall for the amazing price of this product I would be very tempted to say it’s the best drugstore foundation I have tried. It’s definitely a contender for the L’Oreal True Match which would usually be my drugstore go-to.

Have any of you tried the Milani foundation? Or do you have other drugstore foundations which are your favourite? I’d love to know!


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16 thoughts on “The Most Affordable Holy Grail Foundation? Milani 2in1 Perfect and Conceal.

  1. Love the foundation. But they don’t have good colour range. I bought 01 and it is still dark for me haha. Soo I don’t use it often because I am super pale but I love the coverage and the wuality of the foundation for the price it is super super good product 🙂

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