Storybook Cosmetics Wand Brushes – Best Christmas Present EVER

I am a self-confessed Harry Potter obsessive, and boy oh boy does everyone know it. For Christmas I got many different Harry Potter related things, but the best one of all was from my boyfriend. He got me, HARRY POTTER MAKE UP BRUSHES.

All of my make up dreams came true when I knew these were coming out, and I can’t believe he actually went out of his way to make sure I got them for Christmas, as he had to order them back in October. He’s so amazing!

The brushes themselves are an eye set containing:

  • Tapered fluffy brush – Ron
  • Fluffy blending brush – The Elder Wand (Dumbledore)
  • Pencil brush – Harry
  • Angled liner brush – Hermione
  • Smudger brush – Voldemort

They are extremely well crafted and are heavy to hold which makes them feel extra special. A big shout out to the three girls, Erin, Mandy and Missy – you’ve made mine and I’m sure many other Harry Potter/make up lovers dreams come true.

The brushes are also cruelty-free which is an extra bonus, and my goodness they are so so soft. I think they’re going to blend like a dream. I can’t wait to use them!

They also have a mailing list so you can be made aware of any of the new products that they come out with, and if you have a look it’s going to be VERY exciting. If I was you I’d sign up to it straight away >>> Storybook Cosmetics !


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31 thoughts on “Storybook Cosmetics Wand Brushes – Best Christmas Present EVER

    1. I had absolutely no idea! I kept asking him for make up brushes for Christmas aswell and he kept telling me he wanted buy me a real present not make up brushes as I have enough. Couldn’t believe it when I opened these! Xx


  1. Now if only these were actually ✨magical and would create any look you wanted that would be a dream come true for makeup klutzes like me ✨

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  2. That could possibly be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Thank goodness my daughter is only ten or I know what she’d want for her birthday! HP forever!

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