HRH Collection – Chokers 

The key to having a loyal and supportive following is being yourself. If you stay true to you, then you’ll never have to question what you blog about or showcase online. This lesson I have learnt from Alex at HRH Collection.

I started watching Alex over 3 years ago and she has fast become of my favourite YouTubers. Not only is she beautiful, hilarious and down to earth, she’s an incredible independent business woman, something which I truly admire. Her jewellery business HRH Collection, has an amazing range of unique Swarovski crystals, chains and creative designs that she’s created to be worn in stacks or alone.

As soon as Christmas came along I knew, after eyeing up many items from her collection for months and months, it was time to invest in a couple of pieces. An investment is truly what they are. They’re the type of jewellery that will stay in your collection for many years to come.

I eventually came to a decision, trust me it’s hard, there’s so many different colours of crystals and designs to choose from narrowing down your favourites is no easy task. I went for the Dauphine Choker with the Serpent On Acid crystal and the String of Stars necklace. They perfectly stack upon each other, and the statement of the Dauphine compliments the delicate chain of the String of Stars. They’re so beautiful and I’m extremely happy with my choices.

HRH Dauphine Choker in Serpent on Acid ($65 – HRH Collection)
As Alex herself says, “Made with beautiful, shiny silver chain and secures with a large sleek lobster clasp. The flawless crystals and edgy chain make the perfect choker.” The Serpent on Acid crystal is a gorgeous deep green which also reflects purples and blues. It reminds me of an oil slick. Pictures really don’t do it justice, it is truly stunning.

String of Stars ($32, HRH Collection)
This delicate piece catches the light beautifully, like a little string of stars on your neck.” It’s such a gorgeous piece, it sits beautifully underneath my Dauphine and looks equally as pretty worn alone. When in the light, the curvature of chain means it’s sparkles radiantly and is a statement by itself. This is definitely a necklace that everyone, no matter how young or old, will love.

Since receiving these pieces I’ve worn them, either together or alone, almost everyday. They go with absolutely anything, completely jazzing up a plain outfit. I’m definitely going to be adding more to my collection whenever I can, they’re flawless. If you’re looking to invest in a statement piece of jewellery I would highly recommend these. She also makes bracelets and rings which are equally as beautiful. Alex, if you’re reading this (she won’t be, but a girl can dream), you are amazing.

For more from HRH Collection, click here >>>

& If you want to check out Alex, head over to her YouTube here >>> HRH COLLECTION
You’ll absolutely love her!


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