TONYMOLY Sheet Masks Haul – ALL 11 KINDS

I’ve recently been having a bit of a troublesome skin phase. It happens to us all, we think we have our skincare nailed, then BOOM. Your skin decides to go and mess everything up again. Face masks are a great way to inject whatever your skin needs, be it moisture, pore unclogging, brightening etc. I started researching into the best affordable and effective masks and so many reviews leaned towards one particular brand. TONYMOLY.

TONYMOLY is a fun brand originating from South Korea and recently they’ve been here, there and everywhere in the beauty community. They are famous for their quirky designs and most recently their sheet masks. They can be bought separately for around £4.50 each, dependent upon where you get them from, however, if you wish to bulk buy because you’re way too trusting of everyones opinions and can’t decide which ones to choose (there’s so many), you can get 3 of all 11 different kinds for £28.99 from Amazon. I’m yet to try them, but wish to tell you about what I think is an amazing deal, it works out at around 90p per mask.

So what masks do you get?

Rice Mask Sheet for Clear Skin – ‘makes dull skin look radiant and glowing’
Makgeolli Mask Sheet for Skin Purifying – ‘makes uneven skin tone look radiant and glowing’
Red Wine Mask Sheet for Pore Care – ‘tightens uneven skin texture with enlarged pores’
Seaweeds Mask Sheet for Skin Purifying – ‘makes skin look bright and radiant with freshness of the sea’

Aloe Mask Sheet for Moisturising – ‘moisturises dry skin’
Tea Tree Mask Sheet for Skin Soothing – ‘gets rid of uneven skin tone’

Skin Food
Avocado Mask Sheet for Nutrition – ‘makes dull skin look radiant and glowing’
Pomegranate Mask Sheet for Elasticity – ‘firms up skin’

Lemon Mask Sheet for Brightening – ‘makes dull and dark skin look radiant’
Broccoli Mask Sheet for Vitality – ‘provides vitalizing energy to tired skin’
Tomato Mask Sheet for Radiance – ‘makes rough skin look smooth and radiant’

Have you tried any of these masks? I’d love to know what you think of them!

Love, always.


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18 thoughts on “TONYMOLY Sheet Masks Haul – ALL 11 KINDS

  1. Great haul! I’m a bit jealous :p! I love Tony Moly! You should definitely also try Leader’s (which are I think available at Ulta). It’s also a Korean brand. xoxo Sarah

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