I’m a Hippie Chick Convert – L’Oreal Mascara

I’m always striving to find the perfect mascara. Although, quite honestly I never know exactly what I’m after. Some days I think it’s volume I want, other days it’s length and some times I just don’t even care as long as my lashes are black and don’t smudge. I’m yet to find a mascara that’s completely blown me out of the water, until now…

The L’Oreal Miss Hippie waterproof mascara in black (£7.99, Boots). I’ve got to be honest, this mascara is everything I wanted but didn’t even realise that I wanted it. It not only makes my lashes super black, it also curls them beautifully, lengthens, volumises and also fans them out making them look wispy.

The brush itself isn’t too big, by that I mean it doesn’t get in the way if you’re trying to get those pesky inner corner lashes! That’s such a bug bare of mine. Thanks to it’s multiple hair like bristles, it allows great definition for each and every lash.

Now, I’ve come to the realisation that mascara smudges on me and doesn’t keep a curl unless I use waterproof mascara. I’ve come to accept I have stubborn lashes when it comes to keeping a curl, however they are quite long so maybe the product just tends to weigh them down, who knows?  This one however doesn’t smudge and it doesn’t straighten out throughout the day. The staying power is brilliant!Now I know what you’re thinking, if it’s waterproof is it a right pain to get off? Actually no. I’m currently using a new cleansing routine, which I’m going to do a post on shortly (so keep your eyes peeled) but it’s no more effort than normal to take off. Which is what everyone wants from a mascara. Long lasting, easy removal.

So if you’re not a mascara snob, and enjoy a full, long, fanned out wispy looking lash. I would most definitely give this one a try! It’s super affordable too and stays put all day. What more could a girl want?


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31 thoughts on “I’m a Hippie Chick Convert – L’Oreal Mascara

  1. Great post! I am still on the hunt for the holy grail of mascaras! I get smudges no matter what and I have straight short lashes. Even if I curl them it doesn’t do me any good. The Benefit They’re Real is the only one so far I like but I need an affordable one to fall in love with. I wish we had that in the states to try out. Great find! Your lashes look beautiful in the pictures. I like the one coat look over the two coat look.

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  2. I use this as well and I completely agree, it’s definitely not a let down. I have long lashes but they aren’t voluminous to as I want them and this does the job!!


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