Hidden Gem: Rosie Huntington Whiteley for Marks and Sparks 

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good mooch around Marks & Spencer’s, looking at ridiculously priced knickers and extravagant pajamas I could only imagine Cruella DeVille would wear. When it comes to the beauty section though, M&S trumps some aspects of other high street offerings – especially when it comes to their collection with Rosie Huntington Whiteley.

We all know, and most of us love Rosie. I’ve always admired her style, envied her big lips and recently seeing her on a few Lisa Eldridge videos >>>click here I insist<<<<, fell in love with her personality. When her collection of make up came out with M&S, I grabbed a few bits in it’s gorgeous vintage style Rose gold packaging. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to talk about it, but here I am finally.

We’ll start with the lipsticks. First off, the packaging with it’s magnetic close had me at hello. Then we come to the colour selection and formula. The lipsticks she’s created are on par with MAC. Not only do they smell extremely similar to MAC but they also have a similar longevity and feel to them, and from Rosie I wouldn’t expect anything less.

The two colours I have are;

  • Lady Rose – this is a gorgeous cool toned mid-rose shade with brown undertones (£14, M&S)
  • Nude Blush – a neutral peach shade with a hint of brown (£14, M&S)

Both shades are creamy to apply, leaving you with a stain matte finish. They have great pigment to them and although they have great longevity, when they do wear off they do so beautifully. I also find that if you pat or boot them slightly to the lip, you get left with a gorgeous matte finish which looks so natural. Perfect for any make up look be it glamorous or everyday.

As mentioned previously there’s a great shade range containing nudes, pinks and reds. All colours which you could really see Rosie wearing. It’s a collection that screams out that it’s hers, and if you were to buy a celebrity make up line, would you really expect anything that wasn’t something they would wear?

I would love to extend my range of lipsticks, maybe even delve into the glossy sticks in the summer time. So if you do have any other lip products from the range, please let me know your favourites.

The other product I have from Rosie is a cream blush in Camisole (£14, M&S). This is a gorgeous pink toned terracotta. Perfect used subtly for a hint of flush or dialed up against bronzed skin in the summer time.

The blush, although cream, is suitable to use over both cream and powdered products and gives an equally stunning look either way. When applied it can be done so subtly or built up to a higher pigment, allowing you to customise the look your going for.

The finish is a matte finish with a slight sheen. This ensures it looks natural on the skin and not too flat. Perfect for any occasion. The longevity as with any blush isn’t outstanding, but if you top it off with a similar toned powder blush it stays locked in.  Also I find that if reapplied throughout the day, it doesn’t cake up and continues to look equally stunning.

I’ve been really impressed with Rosie’s range from what I’ve tried so far and would definitely recommend it to any of you who enjoy a more natural look of make up, equally to those who enjoy to glam themselves up. It really is a versatile range for everyone from young to old. If you can get your hands on some, do it immediately.

Love, always.


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24 thoughts on “Hidden Gem: Rosie Huntington Whiteley for Marks and Sparks 

  1. That blush looks so cute!!! I love Rosie, also ever since I saw her on Lisa Eldridge’s video. I must say, I thought she looked absolutely stunning in Transformers! xoxo Sarah

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  2. I have one of the glossy sticks in Supermodel Smile and I love it! I’m actually using it more than my beloved Clinique chubby sticks at the moment which says a lot as I normally can’t be without them! It’s super soft and glossy, and a lovely pinky nude colour – much more affordable than Clinique too! I didn’t know she had some cream blushers, will definitely be giving them a look!

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    1. I’ve been eyeing up the glossy sticks, I think they’ll be perfect for summer time! The cream blusher is really something great, the colour I have is so natural on the skin. Thanks for reading! x


  3. The lipstick in Rose Lady is a beautiful shade and right up my alley thoughI have never heard of that brand before! I love Lisa´s videos with Rosie as they show her personality a bit more than what you usually see in interviews and the like, I have never been invested in her, but Lisa´s videos made me really appreciate Rosie!


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