Sourcedbox Sunday – March Edition

I’m a healthy eater. I love fruit and vegetables. I’m a vegetarian who only eats dairy within her cheese and I often make conscious decisions to try and choose healthy meals when I’m out and about. However,  come 7pm I am a serial snacker. I love doughnuts, cookies, chocolate, cake, ice cream… I want it all. So upon recently seeing Alfie and Zoe’s video on Sourcedbox – a dairy free, gluten free and almost 100% vegan monthly subscription snack box. I was sold. 

For £18.95 a month you’ll get approximately 8-10 snacks which are a hell of a lot healthier and more natural than my usual Morrisons doughnuts for example. I thought this was perfect for my usual late night snacking cravings and allows me to make a healthier decision when it comes to that dreaded 7pm. 

This is the first box I’ve recieved and although I’m yet to try any of the snacks I’m extremely impressed. There’s a total of 9 items in the box, along with a sample teabag, and they vary from a drink to chocolate, fruit based snacks and savoury nuts. Unlike boxes such as Graze, you’re unable to choose any preferences although they try and ensure their snacks are gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan – it can’t be guaranteed that every item in the box will be. A majority of the products do contain nuts, so if you have an allergy, I wouldn’t recommend this box unless you’ll take the non-nut items and share the rest with friends. 

I can’t wait to try them all and would love to know if you’d like me to do a post towards the end of the month of what I’ve enjoyed and whether I’d repurchase anything – also if any of you’ve tried any of these snacks before and think I’d enjoy them? 

I’m definitely going to be looking into continuing my subscription, so let’s get onto what you’re really here for, what’s in this months box; 

Yummy Scrummy Raw chocolate brownie – Elements for Life 

This award winning brownie is a one-way ticket to chocolate heaven, and even contains the likes of goji berries for some extra goodness. 

Original Nutter bar – Hangry Food Co. 

Cut out your hanger with a delicious hand-rolled nutty bar that’s cold pressed for great taste and texture. 

Peach & Lychee drink – Cape Drinks 

This natural, sparkling fruit juice is bursting with fruity and refreshing flavour, best enjoyed once popped in the fridge. 

Pear Crisps – Spare Fruit 

Made from delicious rescued conference pears, these crisps pack a real crunch followed by an amazing natural caramelised taste sensation. 

Cocao, Chia & Blueberry raw bliss balls – The Bondi Kitchen 

This is the perfect high energy snack made from nutrient-rich nuts, seeds, dried fruits and superfoods. 

Apricot, Boabob & Tigernut munchies – Raw Gorilla 

A new flavour for a long-time favourite, theses munchies contain sprouted seeds, superfoods and dried fruits so is perfect for on the go snacking. 

Quinoa & Buckwheat granola – Husk & Honey 

This tasty granola is wonderfully crunchy and sweet without any nasties. Even better, despite the name it’s suitable for vegans. 

Nuts bar – Pana Chocolate 

One of our favourites, this chocolate is beautifully smooth and velvety with a satisfying crunch from the nuts. 

Tamari Roasted Almonds – Clearspring 

This snack is rich in high quality proteins, made from Sicilian organic almonds gently roasted with Japanese organic tamari. 

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