Sample Skincare from Lancôme.. Worth the Splurge?

I couldn’t even tell you when I filled out a form to receive some sample skincare from Lancôme, but when it turned up on my doorstep last week I was extremely excited to see it hadn’t got lost in the post. In a cute little box is my ‘Love Your Age’ package, with samples of what my perfect skincare additions would be.

So to receive this I filled out a form online, explaining my Skincare needs and from this Lancôme sent me what they believe would be perfect for me. I’m unable to find this form, but I’m almost certain any Lancôme counter would be able to help you out with matching your skin to suitable products.

For myself a 24 year old, combination to dry skin type I was sent the Visionnaire Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate serum. This is said to provide glowing skin, no matter what age, ethnicity or skin type. The second product I was sent was the Visionnaire Advanced Multi-Correcting Cream. This is supposed to provide smoother, plumped moisturised skin and minimise visible pores.

So how did my samples go?

Visionnaire Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate serum – Full size, 30ml (£47.20, Boots)

I’ve really enjoyed using this serum. I put it on at nighttime as my last step before any spot treatments. Now it may be a combination of the both, and it may be due to the fact I’ve started using a cleansing brush (a post on that will be up soon) but my skin feels so soft. The texture especially on the sides of my face is so smooth in the mornings and the redness in this area has definitely gone down. I’ve really enjoyed this product and if I wasn’t in a spending ban, I’d definitely purchase the full size version.

Visionnaire Advanced Multi-Correcting Cream – Full size (£60, Boots)

This moisturiser as mentioned above did make my skin feel super soft. However, although I did find the appearance of my skin with make up on was a lot smoother and it minimised my pores. It didn’t mix well with my makeup throughout the day. I was able to use this moisturiser for about 5 days and I did try a couple of different foundations during this time but unfortunately it must have been this product. As the day went on I found that the products on my cheeks especially started to break up and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get the makeup to go back on smoothly there. This isn’t something that usually happens and this was the only part of my morning routine that had changed. It’s a lovely product and both this and the serum smell gorgeous, but unless it was a no makeup day I wouldn’t recommend this product and for this reason I wouldn’t purchase this.

Have you tried any of the Visionnaire range from Lancôme? I’d love to know if there’s anything you’d recommend.

Love, always.


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One thought on “Sample Skincare from Lancôme.. Worth the Splurge?

  1. Oh I love this!! I’m going to do this now you have, order samples and try I mean! I have the worst skin and nightmare painful acne! Plus we’re the same age, so awesome you’re inspiring me 🙂 x

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