Pastel Holographic Glitter Nails – Perfect for Spring

I’ve done my nails myself. Yes, the girl who religiously gets her nails done every three weeks without fail has stopped being such a pampered beauty.  Not through choice mind, simply to save money – especially now I don’t get acrylics and I have my own gel UV light at home – it just makes sense (more money to spend on makeup right!).

I decided that now spring has finally sprung it was time to whack out the pastels. Nothing shouts Spring louder than pastels and nothing shouts Becca louder than glitter – so you know some glitter’s been thrown in here.

I decided to go for a pastel grey, lilac and a slightly bright blue to contrast on my nails. To add that extra sparkle, I added a holographic shredded glitter to my ring finger to really make them pow!

Bluesky Gel Nail Polish;
Lavender (£6.50, Bluesky)
Pacific (£6.50, Bluesky)
Gelish Cashmere Kind of Gal (£14.29, Love This Colour)

I think they’re absolutely stunning and I’m really proud of myself for not doing a half bad job, if I say so myself.

I now can’t wait for Summer so I can get out the neon shades – there really is nothing better!

Love, always.


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