Turn Around, Bright Eyes – This Highlight Will Blind – And Only £6!!

If you’ve been waiting for the most insane, wet-looking, all skin tones covered kinda highlight palette. Well, look no further my friends. The quest is complete. I bring you the Freedom Pro Highlight Palette (£6, Superdrug).

This gorgeous highlight cream and powder palette houses six cream highlights, three cool toned and three warm toned and two powders to really set them off, one cool and one warm.

Let’s start with the balms.

Now the cool three are going to be absolutely flawless if you want to blind someone. Shades 1 & 2 are very much wet looking highlights with a gorgeous sheen to them. They’re both ever so slightly duo chromatic and my god, they look amazing.

Shade 3 is a slightly different story – this shade is very glittery and silver. Not just a subtle silver highlight – I mean, this shade is alien like silver. I can imagine it would look amazing as an inner corner highlight or even an eyeshadow, but on its own I personally wouldn’t wear it on the cheeks.

Let’s go across to the warmer side of the palette. Now these shades have all got a peachy, golden undertone to them. They’ll look great on those with darker skin and they’re gonna look absolutely stunning if you’re after a beach bronzed goddess kinda look. Shade 5 is my personal favourite, not only does it have that stunning peachy hue, but it’s packed with pigment and it just makes the cheeks, nose and upper lip look wet. Everything you want in a highlight, right?

Overall the balms are gorgeous, they aren’t at all sticky and so far they haven’t interrupted any of my powder makeup underneath them. I haven’t had any dry skin in my highlight areas, but I would imagine that if you did, the balm may cling to it – but this isn’t a big deal because don’t forget you have two amazing powder highlights to play with too.

So, the powders are highly pigmented and flawless. The powder is finely milled and creamy to touch; it goes onto the high points of your face like a dream and beams light from it!

The powders most insane power however is their ability to make the balm go from shade your eyes to omg I’m going blind.

I highly, highly recommend topping off any of the balms with the corresponding balms and don’t be afraid to mix it up, putting the cool toned powder over the gold balm will create a gorgeous icy bronze glow that everyone will need to put their sunglasses on for!

If you haven’t already, I highly suggest you all check out the Freedom range at Superdrug. This palette has impressed me so much and I’m excited to see what else the brand has to offer.

Love, always.


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8 thoughts on “Turn Around, Bright Eyes – This Highlight Will Blind – And Only £6!!

  1. I’m sooooooo jealous because we don’t have that gorgeous-ness in the US! Y’all have some great makeup that’s not available in the US-the Bourjois foundation I LOVE and had to pay almost 30$ to get it, but so worth it. This palette is my next mission ❤️ Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Much agreed. They are very similar to the sleek highlighting palettes. I hope you find some Freedom products and give them a go! X

      Liked by 1 person

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