A Quick Q&A – Get To Know More About Me

It’s been a while since I’ve done any form of tag on here and I think it’s nice to do these every so often so you guys get to know a bit more about me personally. There’s nothing worse than just seeing someone reviewing things constantly and them literally just being ‘the swatch girl’. You guys support me and I want to know about you – you’re my guys!

So, after you’ve finished reading this Q&A – I’d love you to answer one of the questions yourself in the comments below.

Without further ado, let’s get to know more about me – and you!

What are you favourite TV shows?
I love anything documentary related but at the same time I also love cheesy programmes. At the moment I’m currently watching House of Cards, Will & Grace and Reign. I’m also very much looking forward to the last season of Game of Thrones.

Tell us one of your bad habits.
I am TERRIBLE for picking my split ends. I will literally sit there and run my fingers through my hair to find split ends and then start pecking them off. It’s really bad and I need to stop, I just don’t know how – maybe I need a fidget spinner, haha.

How would you describe your fashion sense.
Weird but normal. I can literally go from wearing just a t-shirt and jeans to the next day wearing a jumper with massive sequins all over it. I have no inbetween haha. I don’t tend to go with many trends, but obviously at the end of the day, I just wear what I like and what I want to. Whether it’s in ‘fashion’ or not.

What’s your favourite resturant?
I don’t know if any of you do know, but I am a vegetarian and a very strict one. Although I am really naughty and eat cheese – I don’t eat eggs or consume any form of animal milk. So, my favourite thing to eat is pizza – I love any little italian, preferably not a chain, for pizza – mmmm, I’m hungry now.

The first concert you ever went to..
It was when I was about 8/9 I think and I went to see Steps. It was so good, that I went back to see them again 6 months later. I bloody loved Steps – any other fans of them out there?

Have you ever cried because you were so happy?
Yes, I cried my eyes out when I found out I was allowed to get a pug. We’d lost our family dog earlier that year and life just wasn’t the same for me without a dog in the house, so I asked if I could get my own dog. Life has never been so sweet – Bruno is my fave.

Nike or Adidas?
Nike, everyday of the week. I love going to the Nike Factory Outlet stores and getting new t-shirts for about the house or leggings for comfy days. I’m also a massive Nike trainer fan. If I ever need new trainers, I don’t even bother looking anywhere else.

Can you swim well?
Yes. I’m very lucky that as a kid my mum and dad took me religiously to swimming lessons. I also used to go on holiday every year to either Ibiza or Majorca so I was forever in swimming pools and also getting used to the see. I’m the same when I go on holiday now, you’ll also find me swimming out into the ocean rather than lying there on the beach.

Occupations you wanted to be as a kid..
I wanted to be everything; hairdresser, fire fighter, lawyer, vet. Vet was what I mainly wanted to be, but unfortunately I get very emotionally attached to any animal and I’m also not the best around blood. I think it’s best for us all that I didn’t go into that occupation.

Do you sing in the car?
All the time. I’m a big lover of Kisstory in the car, I’m forever banging out them tunes in the car – sometimes when it’s warm I forget the windows are down and have to not make eye contact with anyone beside me.

The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
I last texted my boyfriend.

Place you want to visit..
I so badly want to visit a lot of places. Mainly Rome and Bali, also Japan.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
This completely depends on the day. For a regular working day, I’ll have a 15 minute shower, then it takes me about 25 minutes to do my makeup and about 5/10 for my hair depending on what I’m doing with it. So all in all about 45 minutes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this and I’m looking forward to seeing your answers!

Love, always.


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6 thoughts on “A Quick Q&A – Get To Know More About Me

  1. Great post! Like you, I also cannot wait for the new Game of Thrones season – I’m completely obsessed! And Kisstory is practically the only station I listen to – I love those old school hits!
    Gemma xx

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