Pink with Added Emerald Nails

There’s nothing I love more than a bright nail, but after a few weeks of different neons I’ve been craving something a bit different whilst keeping with the summery theme.

I was looking through my glitters and saw this gorgeous emerald pot sitting in my stash and I just knew that I wanted to put it to use immediately.

The glitter pots I buy are from eBay and they are so super cheap! To see all the colours I have and where to get them yourself, please see this link –  There is no Such Thing as Too Much Glitter – At Least That’s What I’m Telling Myself – Haul

As I’m still on that neon summer nail hype, I thought it would be a good contrast to put the emerald glitter against a neon pink gel polish. I used the Bluesky gel polish in Shocking Pink (£6.50, Bluesky).

I decided to use my ring finger as an accent nail and I created a glitter fade on my middle finger and thumb to add a good connection between the very similar shades.

The top coat I used was the GDI clear top coat (£6.50, eBay) and I’m so happy with the results. They still scream summer, but with a totally unique twist.

What to try next….

Love, always.


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