Another Thing out of The Ordinary

Since The Ordinary skin care range went viral, I reckon because of Wayne Goss, at the end of 2016 it’s been the height of everything desired by any skincare addict. I’m no exception to this. Although I may not have perfect skin, I’ve forever striving for anything that can keep my skin moisturised, breakouts under control and also anything that will aid anti-ageing.

As you can see from my previous post;
Anything but Ordinary – Skincare at its Best I’ve been loving all the products I’ve used from the Ordinary.

The two products that I’m constantly repurchasing are the Vitamin C Suspension 23% and HA Spheres 2% (£5, ASOS) and as can be seen in my purchase here, Niacinamide 10% and Zinc 1% (£5, ASOS).

The Vitamin C moisturises is brilliant at keeping my dry skin moisturised along with evening out my skintone and Vitamin C is well known for having great anti-ageing properties and as a girl in their mid-twenties, this is extremely important to me.

The Niacinamide is a high strength vitamin and mineral blemish formula. It balances the sebum in your skin to stop nasty build up and breakouts from occurring – it works for me!

The way I use these is by squeezing a pea-sized amount of the Vitamin C moisturiser along with a big blob of the Niacinamide and a big blob of Salicylic Acid 2% (£4, ASOS) which exfoliates the skin and helps fight the appearance of blemishes and blackheads. I then pat this concoction into my face and neck before applying eye cream. I do this every morning and evening on cleansed skin.

I often research into what’s missing from my skin routine as I try not to overload my skin with too many products and if something isn’t working I won’t repurchase it or necessarily replace it, I’ll simply look at what my problem area is and find a product which will hopefully aid this.

Also a good thing to note is that The Ordinary do not test on animals and it’s quirkily noted on their boxes ‘Tested on Humans’.

Recently, my skins been a bit dry and a little red when I do get disturbed skin or breakouts. I looked into this and decided to give the Lactic Acid 5% and HA 2% (£5.50, ASOS) a try.

This product is a mild exfoliant best used at night. It’s said to reduce signs of inflammation and sensitivity, so I’ll be adding a drop of this to my evening skincare routine.

Have any of you converted your skincare to the Ordinary? If so, I’d love to know what products you use the most!

Love, always.


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7 thoughts on “Another Thing out of The Ordinary

  1. Great review! I’ve finished 2 bottles of Alpha H liquid Gold so want to try the serums you are using along with the retinol (as I’m old) x
    Would love you to popover too to read my Nars review.


  2. I love this brand, I ordered from Beautylish! I have the high spreadability primer, high adherence primer and their Buffet which is a great serum for everyday. I want to try their foundation in the dropper bottle! XO

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    1. Yes their makeup range is very intriguing. I’m just waiting for more reviews on them before I make the purchase! X


  3. I’ve got the Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 and I love it! It’s supposed to smooth and help with plumps (as they say on the cultbeauty website) and it totally does, plus I feel that whatever I put on after (which is moisturiser and in the evening spot treatment) my skin absorbs it a lot better because of this product

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