Colour Changing Nails (With Added Gems- of course)

I was stuck in a bit of a rut with my nails. If glitter wasn’t added then I wasn’t interested. It’s just so easy to paint my nails one colour, throw on some glitter and boom, looks like you’ve made a lot of effort when really you haven’t. But it was time to actually do something a little different…

I started by applying my Bluesky Gel Nail Polish in Sea & Sky (£6.50, Bluesky) which is a gorgeous gel polish. It’s a bright cobalt blue which colour changes to a light baby toned blue when warm.

After applying one coat, I then applied sticky crystals in light blue and pink to my middle nail and orange and yellow to my thumb. I applied then from the centre in a line up and continued to apply the Sea & Sky polish between cures being careful to only go around the gems and not directly over them.

If I did go onto them, I’d simply wipe off any excess with a clean finger or cotton bud.

Once I’d applied 4 coats of the blue, I applied a top coat to hold everything in. With the top coat I went over the whole nail, including the gems of those with this detail.

This ensures that the gems are contained and kept in place. Fingers crossed they don’t fall off and I don’t catch them whilst going about my day to day activities.

It’s been two days so far and so far so good.

Overall, I’m really glad I stayed away from glitter on my nails for once – as it’s always my safe place.

What nail looks have you created recently?

Love, always.


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