A Treat For Your Feet

We all suffer from dry feet and we all seem to ignore that fact. No one wants to be associated with foot cream or show their tootsies all over the internet and don’t be fooled, neither do I! Well not the showing my feet on the internet anyway.

I was recently in Bodycare and saw these moisturising foot packs on offer for just £1 each and couldn’t resist giving them a go. (They’re here for £1.99 on eBay)

I decided to pick up the Tea Tree &  Peppermint, along with the Coconut Water options.

The couple of months of warm weather mixed with sandals and long walks has caused my feet to peel – and it’s not attractive in the slightest. Due to this, I thought giving these foot packs would be a great idea.

I opened the pack to find two plastic boots and within the boots is a fabric style material with the moisturiser inside.

The pack says to put them on for 15-20 minutes and remove.

I popped these on my feet (be warned, when walking with these on your feet – which I wouldn’t recommend – they’re very slippy) and immediately massaged the product into my feet before leaving the product to soak into the skin and work it’s magic.

After 20 minutes, I went to take the boots off but the moisturiser was still very much there so I decided to give them another massage and leave them on for as long as it was needed.

It took about an hour for the moisturiser to sink into my feet and once all gone, I took off the boots and massaged any remaining product into them.

My feet felt soft and moisturised, but I could still feel the hard patches of skin that were there before and the days after using this product, my feet were pretty much in the same state they were before using it.

These packs are great for a pamper night for your friends or if you need a little pick-me-up, especially with such a great price tag but if you’re after a full blown treatment for your feet, this isn’t the best place to look.

Do you know of any great treats for your feet that actually work? I’d love to know.

Love, always.


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4 thoughts on “A Treat For Your Feet

  1. Try maybe exfoliating your feet first with a foot scrub before! This will get rid of all the dead skin cells and hard skin and then applying these moisture boots! Love the post!!

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  2. I’ve heard that the Boscia Baby Soft Foot Peel is a similar treatment like these, booties that go on your feet, but it makes your feet peel over a period of 10 days to resurface the skin.

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