Jeffree Star x Jouer – I’ve got a Sweet Tooth

When this collaboration was announced, the world went crazy. Jouer lip toppers are the height of everything a girl desires – glossy looking, pigmented and jam packed with glitter. This Jeffree Star collaboration is no different – it’s barbie pink and full of the most reflective glitter. But would you expect anything less from Jeffree?

Sweet Tooth (£13.50, Beauty Bay) is an amazing pigmented lip gloss glitter dream and it’s pigmented enough to be worn alone or it can be worn on top of various other lipstick shades to create a full blown mesmerising lip.

Jeffree-Star-Sweet-Tooth-Lipsticks-JouerJeffree-Star-Jouer-Lipgloss-Lip-Topper-Swatch-Liquid-LipstickJouer-Jeffree-Star-Lipstick-Sweet-Tooth-Lipgloss-Gloss-TopperCoconut oil is one of the main ingredients in this lip topper and that gives it an amazing moisturising feel. Although the glitter is large and in charge, you can’t feel it on your lips when applied.

The doe foot applicator is foamy and makes the lip topper extremely easy to pop onto the lips.Beauty-Bay-Lipstick-Sweet-Tooth-Jeffree-Star-Jouer-Collaboration-Longwear-Coconut-OilJouer-Jeffree-Star-Sweet-Tooth-Lipgloss-Lipstick-Pink-GlitterJeffree-Star-Jouer-Doe-Foot-Applicator-Lipgloss-Lipstick-Lip-Topper-Pink-Sweet-Tooth

In terms of application, this applies like a dream, it’s pigmented from the get go and the glitter is just to die for. It literally looks like a barbie disco ball on your lips. From the swatches you can see here, I’ve applied it over Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lip in Nude Beach (£16, Beauty Bay).Lip-Topper-Swatch-Review-Swatches-Beauty-Bay-Jeffree-Star-Jouer-Lipstick-Lip-Topper-Lipgloss-Lip-LoveGlitter-Jeffree-Star-Jouer-Lipgloss-Pink-Sweet-Tooth-Lipstick-Shimmer-Beauty-Bay

Applying Sweet Tooth over Nude Beach brings out the colour of the lip topper even more as I have quite red pigmented lips which would detract from the amazing colour in the gloss.

The colour itself stays well for a few hours but I found that the glitter stays around for most of the day so if you have put a lipstick underneath it’ll have a lovely glitter topped effect.

The smell is also divine, although I can’t put my finger on it. It’s sweet but not coconutty, not vanilla, not cupcake. I just don’t know and I’ve had other people take a sniff and they also can’t put their finger on it. If you know the scent, please please let me know.

Another amazing thing about this is that all profits will go towards the LGBT Center in Los Angeles – and for the fantastic price of just £13.50, there’s absolutely no cons to not get this product.

It’s definitely made me want to try more products from Jouer.

Love, always.


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