All 12 Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipsticks

I’m an extremely lucky lady to have been sent the whole 12 piece lipstick range of the brand new Rouge Velvet lipsticks from Bourjois thanks to Influenster.

These lipsticks come in a great range of nudes, brights and bolds and you can find them at your local high street store (£8.99, Feel Unique).Bourjois-Rouge-Velvet-Lipstick-Lipsticks-Longwear-High-Street-Influenster-UK-Nude-Pink-Bold-Bright-MatteBourjois-Flatlay-Art-Lipstick-Rouge-Velvet-Matte-Lipstick-Bold-Nude-Everyday-Influenster-Love-BulletBourjois-UK-Lipstick-Lineup-Lipsticks-Nude-Rouge-Velvet-Matte-Bold-Deep-Influenster

The lipsticks are marketed as bold, matte and longwearing – supposedly for 24 hours (more on that later). Their formula is lightweight, velvety and not drying. Due to it’s longevity it’s also smudge-proof.

The unique teardrop bullet allows you to create the perfect lip shape with great definition, without a lip liner.

The texture of the lipsticks is creamy when applied but dries down to a matte finish and once dried, they’re so comfortable on the lips – lightweight as said and not at all drying.Rouge-Velvet-Bourjois-Matte-Lipstick-Lipsticks-Nude-Hey-Rose-Orange-Lineup-Flatlay-Superdrug-Boots-Feel-Unique-Wood-InfluensterBrunette-Rouge-Velvet-Fuschia-Red-Nude-Wood-Matte-Love-Bourjois-Lipstick-Lipsticks-Love-Purple-Fig-Superdrug-Boots-InfluensterBullet-Lipstick-Lipsticks-Bourjois-Rouge-Velvet-Nude-Rose-Pink-Matte-Longwear-Wood-Art-Photography-Feel-Unique-Influenster-Superdrug-BootsBold-Orange-Red-Bright-Lipstick-Swatch-Review-Bullet-Bourjois-Rouge-Velvet-Matte-Longwear-Influenster-Boots-SuperdrugBold-Dark-Brunette-Fuschia-Nude-Pink-Bourjois-Rouge-Velvet-Matte-Lipstick-Lipsticks-Bullet-Love-Longwear-Review-Swatch-Swatches-Influenster-Superdrug

The shades are swatched below in number order;

Hey Nude, Flaming’rose, Hyppink Chic and Hip Hip PinkBourjois-Rouge-Velvet-Lipstick-Swatch-Swatches-Hey-Nude-Flamingrose-Rose-Hip-Pink-Hyppink-Matte

Brique-A-Brac, Abrico’Dabrail, Joli Carmin’ois, Rubi’s CuteBourjois-Matte-Rouge-Velvet-Lipstick-Brique-Brac-Joli-Rubis-Cute-Orange-Swatch-Swatches-Lipsticks-Review-Reviews-Longwear

Fuschia Botte, Magni-Fig, Berry Formidable, BrunetteBourjois-Fuschia-Botte-Fig-Magni-Brunette-Berry-Formidable-Dark-Nude-Bold-Rouge-Velvet-Matte-Lipstick-Lipsticks-Swatch-Swatches-Influenster-Love

To ensure that I could give a full review of these I’ve tried both a bold shade and one of the nude shades.

Fuschia Botte (09) is an amazing bright, as the name says, fuschia shade.Bourjois-Fuschia-Botte-Lipstick-Matte-Lipsticks-Swatch-Swatches-Bold-Pink-Love

It’s extremely pigmented and goes onto the lips in one swipe. As I’ve said previously the shape of the lipstick makes this shade very easy to apply. Even though it’s creamy and bold, no lip liner was needed to create the perfect shape on the lips.

Throughout the day, the lipstick wasn’t uncomfortable or drying and it feels like nothing on the lips, very lightweight.

The scent isn’t anything offensive, it’s a classic lipstick smell (if you know what I mean).

I wore this shade for over 10 hours, I ate, I drank and I talked – a hell of a lot. When I got home, it looked as good as when I’d left for work that morning, I was so so impressed.

Now, although the longevity of the shade was amazing it wasn’t completely transfer proof. Although it didn’t leave a massive pout mark on any tissue, I did find that you could see the colour on water bottles. But my lips themselves seemed unfazed.

It was as if the lip colour had stained my lips – and I wasn’t complaining about that.

Another great thing was that the shade didn’t bleed outside of the lipline, it stayed right where I had put it and there was no need for another application throughout the day. It’s a lipstick you could literally put on and not take with you – amazing.

Although it was so long-wearing and seemed to stain the lips, it also came off with great ease.

In terms of the nude shade I tried Flaming’Rose (02), this also went onto the lips creamy, easy and didn’t fade throughout the day.Bourjois-Rouge-Velvet-Lipstick-Swatch-Lipsticks-Swatches-Flamingo-Rose-Flamingrose-Nude-Pretty-Lip-Lipswatch-Influenster

It stayed put throughout a whole lot of talking, drinking and eating and again, I was impressed with the longevity of the lipstick.

I found that this nude shade, probably due to the fact that it is nude, didn’t stain the lips – but even without this stain there was product on my lips all day long.

Overall, I think these lipsticks are absolutely fantastic. I haven’t been this excited about a lipstick in a very, very long time and I can highly recommend them.

More reviews, especially of the darker, vampy shades will be coming soon.*

Love, always.


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*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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