The Body Shop Autumn Haul

I love The Body Shop.

They create great natural products and they’re constantly fighting against animal testing – something which everyone can get on board with.

I nipped into their store and sprayed some of the amazing Vanilla Pumpkin Shimmer Mist onto my arm. As much as I loved it, I decided that I didn’t need another fragrance and reluctantly walked away.

I was sitting around at home and I kept getting the most gorgeous whiffs of this fragrance and I immediately went online to buy it – I couldn’t wait any longer.

At the time, there was an offer to buy £50 worth of products and get £25 off. I mean, who could resist that? I did put the Vanilla Pumpkin Shimmer Mist into my basket but unfortunately, a few days later I received an email to say it was out of stock (boo hoo) but anyway, here’s what I bought;

Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter (£15, The Body Shop)
If I can’t spray the scent on myself, I might as well moisturise my body and smell super delicious. It’s said to be 24 hour moisture, easily absorbed and scented with vanilla, tonka bean, hazelnut and maple syrup.

Mango Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub (£15 for 250ml, The Body Shop)
I absolutely love the sugar scrubs from The Body Shop. I always find that a sugar scrub works better for me than the ‘beaded’ ones. The mango scent of this exfoliator is divine and even though we’re coming up to winter, I can’t resist anything fruity.

Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion (£8.50, The Body Shop)
Feet are always something that I forget about. Obviously when I’m moisturising my body, I also ensure to rub lotion into my feet. However, like the hands, the feet are something that get a lot more wear and time from day to day. Due to this, I decided the offer was a great opportunity to buy this lotion. It’s said to soften and refresh the feet with an amazing peppermint scent.

I’ve signed up to the email notification so I know when the Vanilla Pumpkin Shimmer Mist is back in stock, fingers crossed it’s soon!

Which products are you loving from The Body Shop? I’m super excited for their christmas products!

Love, always.



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31 thoughts on “The Body Shop Autumn Haul

  1. I love the Body Shop too! I’ve told myself I’m not allowed to buy any more until I’ve used some stuff up, but I got a £5 voucher for my birthday last month, so I went in and got the vanilla pumpkin shower gel. While I was there, I also got one of the cream shadow sticks and the banana hair mask. Have you tried either of those?

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    1. I haven’t tried any of these things! I’ve heard a lot of good things about the banana hair products and I do love bananas. Would you recommend it so far? X


    1. Ooooo, I love a peach scent! It’s definitely worth checking them out in store or online, they have so many great offers on at the moment as well! x

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    1. I was exactly the same Samantha. I was a big The Body Shop fan a couple of summers ago and was getting through their body butters and scrubs like there was no tomorrow.

      Don’t know what exactly happened but I think I was keen to try new things and before I knew it, it was as if The Body Shop didn’t exist anymore.

      This year I’ve definitely got my groove back and I’m so glad I have – their products really are such great quality x

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You definitely do. It’s amazing!

      Oooo I’ve never tried the tea tree range from The Body Shop – is there anything you’d recommend? X


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