Tanya Burr Perfect Brow Kit  

I’ve been dedicated to my Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade to about three years now. A powder hasn’t touched my brows for a very long time. The more and more I watch YouTube tutorials, the more I see how amazing everyones eyebrows look from just using powder.

As my dipbrow is coming towards the end, I took this opportunity to purchase a brow kit from no other than my favourite YouTuber Tanya Burr.

Tanya’s the only YouTubers products that not only have I bought but bloody loved, they’re such good quality and I think everything about them just says ‘Tanya Burr’ and if someone’s created their own makeup range, that’s exactly how it should be.

I’ve noticed time and time again that Tanya uses her Perfect Brows kit (£6.99, Superdrug) in almost every video and I’m sure we can all agree that her brows are beautiful.

So what better kit for me to try than hers?

The kit comes with a handy mirror, a highlight shade, three brow shades – which are great for using alone or mixing to create your perfect shade-, tweezers and an application brush.

The shades included are;

Fairy Cake – a champagne highlight shade, perfect for popping under the brow and in the inner corner for any makeup look.
Pebble – a grey toned light brown shade
Chestnut – a warm toned mid-brown shade
Hot Cocoa – a true dark brown

Now, none of these shades match my eyebrows perfectly but I like that she’s created this kit to make your own custom shade. There’s also times where you fancy a stronger brow if you’re going full glam for example.

It’s also going to be great if you fancy a slight bit of definition on a non makeup day, as you can create a light shade for your brows to do this.

I like that the shades themselves aren’t too pigmented. For your brows there’d be nothing worse than having to use a light hand or having to blend a super pigmented shadow from one end of your brow to the other.

I’m excited to start experimenting with the different shades I can use and I think the applicator will be great for creating hair like strokes at the front of the brow as it’s quite stiff – which is exactly what you want in a brow brush.

Have any of you tried Tanya’s Perfect Brow kit? I’d love to know any tips and tricks you could give me.

Love, always.



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7 thoughts on “Tanya Burr Perfect Brow Kit  

  1. This looks so cute! The NYX eyebrow cake powder is one of my all time favourite brow products, if you end up liking brow powders you should definitely give it a go x

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