Dripping Blood Halloween Nails – & they’re only £2!

Halloween’s come around faster than I could’ve ever have imagined. I’m sure only last week everyone was having barbeques in the sunshine and now we’re all layered up with scarves and carving pumpkins.

Since I became a grown up and got a mortgage, getting my nails done at the salon has had to be something I’ve not done, as quite frankly, I can’t afford to be spending £30 each month for some fancy nails.

Last Halloween my nails were the best – Blood Dripping Nails for Halloween and I wanted them again so badly.

When I recently went into Primark on the recommendation of my friend about their false nails – Since When Did Stick-On Nails Become So Fun?! – I saw the Vampire Diaries design which rang so true of my Halloween nails last year and they’re only £2.

Considering these nails are so affordable, all of the different designs I’ve tried so far have really impressed me.

Don’t get me wrong, because I have such little nail beds, it’s hard to match up the falsies exactly, so some of them show a little of my actual nail around the nail.

As I don’t want to file my nails into a funny shape for the sake of wearing these for about a week and honestly, it isn’t that noticeable – it’s not a big deal to me.

The glue that comes with these is pretty good to. When I used to wear stick on nails a few years back, I used to buy separate glue to the one that tended to come with the nails – purely because it wasn’t that good and within hours the nails would start flinging off.

With this glue, it’s not going to keep all your nails on for the whole week, so you’ll need to carry around with you in case of an emergency, but it’s definitely going to keep them on for at least 3-4 days without too much need to worry.

I love the matte black of these against the shiny red blood and if it wasn’t for me getting some glue onto one of the nails -oops – they’d look absolutely perfect.

So if you’re going to a Halloween party and either don’t have time or don’t want to spend too much money on your nails – these are a perfect options and I’m sure they’ll have plenty more options in store – so work fast and HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

Love, always.



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