Jamberry Wraps – The Easy Way to Get The Perfect Manicure

As I’ve recently stopped going to the salon to get my nails done, I’ve been looking into other ways to get amazing nails – without the cost.

I was talking to someone at work and found out that they are part of company called Jamberry.

Jamberry sell nail wraps – that may I add are super easy to apply – along with other great things for your nails and they’re a super easy and affordable way to get amazing cute manicures.

Toni – whose Instagram you need to check out – @toniwiththegoodnails kindly gifted me with a sample sheet to try and I’ve been loving them!

The way you apply them is by choosing the wrap that fits your nail best, you can also cut them down slightly for an even better fit.

Prep your nails by using a cotton pad with either a nail prep – such as Lucemill Nail Prep and Wipe (£6.25, Amazon) or even cooled down black tea. Being sure to let the nails dry before applying the wrap.

Cut the wrap in half – as one wrap will be all good for two nails – i.e. your left and right middle finger – as in my pictures here.

Take an orange stick and from the side that you cut, peel it off the plastic backing, being sure not to touch the back.

Take a hairdryer – unless you have the fancy Jamberry heater – and heat up the sticky side of the wrap and once it’s warm enough it will start to bend around.

Place it onto your nail of choice and using force, push it down onto the nail – being sure to push any air bubbles.

To make sure it’s all stuck on correctly, take the hairdryer again and warm up the wrap by blowing the heat onto your nail.

Push down once more to make sure that everything’s in place and take a nail file.

File down the wrap by filing vertically where your actual nail ends until the end of the wrap comes off leaving only the wrap on your nail – then neaten up the edges as you may require.

Finally, as I only had one of these wraps – I painted the rest of my nails with a colour changing blue varnish – which has been seen in this blog post Colour Changing Nails (With Added Gems- of course)!

Here’s a video for a full rundown of how to apply them;

I’ve had these Jamberry wraps on before and they stay put for a good 7-10 days before they start to peel off – but if they do start to come away from the nail – all you need to do is reapply heat to stick them back down.

Such a simple way to get a professional, quirky manicure.

If you want to know more about Jamberry and the amazing designs they have – their Christmas ones are to die for – please go to Toni’s webpage here – Jamberry – Toni

If you’ve tried Jamberry before, I’d love to see the designs you chose and also what you thought of them!

Love, always.



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