My Current Hair Care Routine

Whether it’s washing your hair, styling your hair or tying it up for the day. It’s something that we all do each day, week, month and personally, something I don’t really think too much about.

Recently, now that my hairs started to grow a lot more and I’m starting to feel much happier with it, I’ve started paying more attention to what I’m using, how I’m styling it and also I’ve found my holy grail dry shampoo.

So if you’re interested in everything to do with washing/drying your hair.. look no further.

Washing My Hair

Since about a year or so ago, I decided to start using natural shampoos and my goodness has my hair thanked me. As someone who was at that point where I honestly thought that my hair was never going to grow, I’ve realised I just wasn’t nourishing it properly.

I started by using the Natural World Chia Seed Oil Volume & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner (Shampoo: £19.97, Amazon// Conditioner: £13.86, Amazon). Not only did my hair feel super clean, it felt nourished and not at all weighed down. As these bottles are 1 litre, they lasted what seemed like forever – really great value for money!

Now as with skincare, it’s often the case that your hair will get used to a product and it will stop working as well. Due to this, I decided to change it up and save myself even more money by starting to use the Superdrug Extracts Shampoo and Conditioner in Grapefruit & Papaya for fine hair (£1.99 each, Superdrug).

Within these bottles you get 400ml, which is still a great amount of product. They smell amazing and much like the Natural World ones, they don’t weigh down my hair in the slightest.

As both these brands use natural products, they nourish rather than strip the hair. Now the Superdrug shampoos do contain sulfates, but personally I don’t find that the shampoos have different effects after washing – I would recommend them both equally.

Occasionally, I’ll want to add a little bit of a copper feel to my hair and to do this, I’ll use the My.Haircare Infuse My. Colour Wash in Copper (£12.92, Amazon). Simply use it like a shampoo (after your actual shampoo) and it will add a very faint hint of colour to your hair. It’s essentially a toner.

They have lots of different shades to choose from such as gold, platinum and cobalt. The copper one just adds a hint of warmth to my already golden-y blonde hair and it’s a great way to have a bit of a change without damaging your hair with actual colourant.

Alongside this, it’s completely cruelty-free and vegan – I mean hello!

After Washing and Drying

After I’ve finished washing my hair, I always ensure that it’s completely detangled and knot-free.

When I am in the shower, I’ll use the Lee Stafford De-Stress the Mess Detangling Comb (£10.99, Amazon) which is infused with Moroccan Argan Oil to ensure my conditioner is equally dispersed throughout my hair.

When I’m out and I’ve towel dried my hair, I’ll use my trusty Tangle Teezer (£7.15, Amazon) along with the Bumble & Bumble Prep Spray (£9.99, Amazon) to really make sure it’s completely smooth and knot-free.

Personally, I hate hate hate blow drying my hair. I’ll always purposely wash my hair at a time of day that I’m not about to go out so that I can leave it to do it’s thing. My hair’s naturally a bit wavy and to really emphasise this as it dries, I’ll spray in a lot of the Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray (£23.50, Amazon) to get that textured messy beach look. I’m really not one for pristine sleek hair.

It probably takes around 2 – 3 hours for my hair to completely dry – or at least by touch dry – and then only if I need to will I style my hair.

Note: I’m going to follow this post with another on how I style my hair and keep on top of it throughout washes.

I’d love to know what you love using on your hair for washing, styling and definitely your favourite kinds of bobble! Let me know in the comments.

Love, always.






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8 thoughts on “My Current Hair Care Routine

  1. You look so beautiful! I might as well just keep look at you instead of all the beautiful things nature has to offer! It’s the same thing! Take care of yourself!


    1. Yes, they’re so good!! I can imagine the platinum one is amazing for those trying to achieve an icy tone to their hair x


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