BeautyBigBang – Affordable, Innovative Beauty

BeautyBigBang is an amazing, affordable website that allows us beauty lovers to get new, innovative products without spending the big bucks. It’s also always on trend with the latest things out their, such as chrome powder for the nails, magnetic lashes and anything else you can think of.

In today’s post, I’m going to be talking you through my mini haul – along with a quick review on what I think of any of the products I’ve tried so far.

First, the 8pcs Dotting Painting Polish Nail Brushes (£6.55, down to £4.14! Shop it here) are a perfect addition to anyone who wants to up their nail game. As someone who is a home gel manicure queen, this will be great for allowing me to be more creative. I’ll be able to create different patterns and designs and hopefully, show you many tutorials on the blog – if there’s any particular designs you’d like to see, be sure to let me know!

The set includes a dotter, line brushes and angled brushes, all of which are stiff to ensure you can create smooth precise detail. I’m super excited to try them out.

Secondly, to also up my manicure game is the 5pcs Glass Nail Foils Glitter (£4.36, down to £2.91! Shop it here). I know I’m not the only one who’s been obsessed with the manicures that look like shattered glass is embedded inside. It’s the kind of look I didn’t even realise I could recreate myself at home until browsing the BeautyBigBang website. The 5pc set contains different tones of holographic ‘foils’ which will look great over nude, dark or even bright nails. I’ll be sure to show you the effect once I’ve tried them out!

Finally and possibly my most wanted product was the 3D Waterproof No Glue Magnetic False Eyelashes (£11.52, down to £4.36! Shop it here). I’ve never been a big false lash lover, mainly because I always have a hard time putting them on and getting them close enough to my lash line. Alongside that, I find the glue irritates my eyes a fair bit and these magnetic eyelashes sounded brillant.

A lash that you can use again and again, without the need for glue sounds right up my street. Although they’re no easy game to put on – speaking the truth here – providing that you have mascara on and don’t walk around with your eyes closed (as you can see the magnetic strips) they looks really good. Just like the real thing.

I found the best trick is to place the top lash to rest of your mascara lashes and then taking the bottom lash with a pair of tweezers ease them together. You can even gently move them with your fingers to make sure they’re in the right place – and don’t they look great!

If you’re looking for a beauty product you never even knew you wanted, or simply thought you couldn’t afford – be sure to check out BeautyBigBang’s website here. They have everything from makeup to nail products and also everything to do with hair.

Not only that, but the lovely people over at BeautyBigBang have given all of my amazing followers a 10% discount code to use across their whole site – it can even be used on their already discounted products. All you need to do is enter BECCAP10 at the checkout! As if the products weren’t cheap enough hey!

I’m excited to try out all of these products and would love to know if you’ve got any tricks for the dotting tools or steps on how to get the magnetic lashes as close to the lash line as possible.

Love, always.






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Disclosure: Some of the links within this post are affiliated. This means that at no cost to you, I will receive a further discount for any purchase made using my code ‘BECCAP10’ commision if you click through and make a purchase. Please note, this discount will allow me to buy further products for the blog. It’s all about the circle of a beauty bloggers life.
Alongside this, the products within this review were sent to me.

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