It’s Always Time for a Christmas Cookie

It may come as a little bit of a surprise to you but honestly, nudes aren’t my favourite colour of lipstick. Now don’t get me wrong, they go with everything from day to night but I personally only wear a nude lip about two times a week as I’m drawn to a bright colourful pout.

Just because I don’t reach for them each and everyday however doesn’t mean I don’t love them and looking out for new amazing nudes is of course a hobby.

When Jeffree Star released his Christmas Holiday Collection for 2017 I was blown away by the selection and as much as I wanted to purchase a red, purple or even the amazing Mermaid Blood, I was drawn in by the mid-toned peach nude shade called Christmas Cookie (£16, Beauty Bay).

I think the reason I was so into getting this shade was because it reminded me of Mannequin Velour Liquid Lipstick’s shiny new sister. Mannequin is my favourite due to its mid-toned rose tones and it’s the only liquid lipstick I think I’ve ever run low on – I’m definitely due a new one very soon.

As always with Jeffree’s Velour Liquid Lipsticks, Christmas Cookie is highly pigmented giving opaque realness with just one swipe of the product. It’s a perfect shade for shade shifting depending on the tone of lip liner that you pair with it – although don’t be fooled, no lip liner is required with this.

The longevity of this product is second to none. Jeffree’s formula is always unbelievable. They stay on through food, talking, drinking and stay transfer proof throughout the day. I’d say you get an amazing eight hour wear of these before the colour does start to deteriorate down and need a touch up. But due to the lightweight formula of this lipstick, adding another layer of product doesn’t make it crunch up or feel funny on the lips.

My final great thing to mention about this is that it’s not at all drying throughout the day. There’s nothing worse than a lipstick that dries out your lips and if you are prone to dry lips, putting a layer of lip balm underneath or over the liquid lipstick will only affect the matte finish and longevity – but not the amazing colour and look of the product.

Talking of looks, can we appreciate the insane pink glitter holographic finish of the packaging. I’ve never seen anything so pretty and I sure hope that Jeffree brings out some future collections with this embedded glitter fade – it’s just so beautiful.

I’d love to know if you got any of the Holiday 2017 collection and what your thoughts are! I’m certain that I’ll be back again many times this year with more reviews of his collections, I mean hello Blood Sugar!

Love, always.






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