Wonderland Makeup – Is it a Wonder?

As I’m sure you’ve all gathered by now, I love makeup. From highlighters to foundation to lipstick, but I never really try to outsource my makeup. As in, I’ll buy from the brands you see on the high street or the brands that you find on the likes of Beauty Bay – meaning I’m missing out on a load of indie brands.

When Wonderland got in touch asking me to review their products, I looked a their site and was so happy to see that they’re a UK based, cruelty-free brand who’s prices match those you find in the drugstore. They have an amazing range of all products, from primers to foundation and eyeshadows. Seeing their ethics to makeup really drew me in and I immediately said that I’d love to try their stuff.

I was kindly gifted three products. A primer, a mascara and a loose pigment eyeshadow. Now, if they’d let me choose my own you can almost guarantee that I’d not have chose what they sent me – but this is where the wonder kicks in – so let’s review them one by one!

Studio Finish Primer (£15, Wonderland Makeup)

This primer is said to create the perfect canvas for makeup with a lightweight and silk like oil-free feel and honestly, I can’t argue with that.

I’ve worn this around 10 times now, sometimes with moisturiser underneath and sometimes as my primary base and not only does it glide on, but it create an amazingly smooth canvas for your foundation.

Not only that but I have noticed my makeup doesn’t tend to break down as much throughout the day in places such as my cheeks and nose where my glasses sit.

I prefer to apply it with clean fingers to my face and I kind of smooth it on and then dab it in to ensure it doesn’t just wipe away – if that makes any sense at all? As someone that never uses primer, this has become my everyday go-to and without being sent this, it would have been an undiscovered gem. So thanks Wonderland.

Loose Pigment in Matte Black (£6.50, Wonderland Makeup)
When I think of pigments, the only thing that comes to mind is Barry M’s Dazzle Dusts – who else was a big fan of those back in the day. So being sent a matte pigment in black of all colours was a complete surprise for me and it meant a little bit of experimentation to see how it could be used.

This colour itself is said to be a highly pigmented ultra dark matte black made of mineral powder. The packaging you see in my images is great. On top of the pot of pigment is this plastic sieve, so to say. This means you can empty product – as I do – into the lid to save you making a big black mess everywhere. The only downside to this is that it does take a fair few taps into the lid to get enough pigment out – however, if you’re brave you can take the sieve out.

I’ve swatched the pigment here to show that yes, the colour is super black and matte but I wouldn’t say it’s highly pigmented in one swipe. It’s actually super buildable, which for a black shadow is what I like to see. There’s nothing worse than trying to add a little bit of depth to your outer corner and then boom, big black blob and it’s all messed up. So yes, it is highly pigmented but upon building it up – please note, this is using the pigment dry.

When using the pigment wet, either with a setting spray or a little bit of water, this soon changes and you have opaque black in seconds. If you love a soft liner look, this black is great for creating your liner and means it’s precise enough to even do a little wing.

Now, the pigments themselves can be used on the eyes, cheeks or lips but with a black, the only natural place is of course the eyes. I’d love to try a more neutral colour to see how it works on the lips and cheeks – so who knows, maybe this will be next purchase?

Lash Lengthening Mascara with Fibres (£11.50, Wonderland Makeup)

I’m a biiiiiig mascara fan. You won’t ever catch me not wearing mascara – simply because I love a lashy look, even if I want to be super natural. Although there’s many mascaras that I love, it a bit like everyone is with foundation – you’re always trying to find the best one out there. It really is a never ending battle.

When seeing this mascara had fibres in it, I was super intrigued as I don’t think I’ve ever tried a mascara with these in before but whenever I see other brands demoing them, I am very keen to have a go but haven’t got round to it.

The first thing I noticed about this mascara was that the brush is a very funny shape. It’s a plastic tipped wand, with a long side and a short side. Honestly, I’m not quite sure what the shapes for – as there’s nothing on the website to say, but it was really good. The short side was great for hitting those lower lashes and the longer side for going from the bottom all the way to the top of the upper lashes.

Wonderland say this is a creamy formula with lash fibres. It builds your lashes to extreme lengths and the fibres give a false lash look, even adding volume to the smallest of lashes.

I’m actually pretty lucky in terms of the fact that I have naturally long lashes, albeit due to to being a natural blonde – they aren’t the darkest lashes in the world. I found this mascara was super black and made my lashes almost look wispy – something that I personally love. The fibres didn’t make my lashes clump but added length and volume whilst keeping them defined – something that I think may be down to the wand.

Either way, I really enjoy this mascara and I’ll continue to use it each day. I often find that with many mascaras, I start to enjoy them a little more after they’ve ‘dried’ out a little – so I’ll be sure to update you on this.

Overall, I’m super impressed with the Wonderland makeup that I’ve been sent. Although it’s products I wouldn’t have personally picked, I’m so glad these were the ones that got sent to me because I’ve really enjoyed using them and will continue to do so. Alongside this, the tutorial for the look shown in this post will be up shortly – so keep your eyes peeled!

It’s now made me more determined to look out for indie brands to try and review on the blog. There could be so many undiscovered holy grail products just waiting to be found – and I want to find them. So if you know any indie brands – please let me know and I’ll be sure to look into them. I’d also love if they’re vegan, cruelty free and made in the UK – because I’m all about supporting these kind of brands.

Wonderland Makeup really is a wonder, be sure to check out their full range here >> Wonderland <<

Love, always.






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Disclosure: I was gifted these products thanks to Wonderland Makeup.
N.B. All opinions on the products are my own.

5 thoughts on “Wonderland Makeup – Is it a Wonder?

    1. The mascara I’ve been living so far. Really makes my eyelashes look natural wispy and defined all at the same time!


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