Beauty Bay Launched an App, a.k.a Hello Haul

Whenever I need some beauty bits and I don’t want to take a trip into the cold outdoors, I’ll always have a good old browse of Beauty Bay. Now that they send me WhatsApp messages and they have their very own app, my addiction seems to have got even worse. Luckily – well, not luckily – I don’t really have the money to just keep buying makeup. So when I’ve built up a collection of saves, I’ll set my budget, choose what I really want and checkout.

I must say, Beauty Bay’s delivery is always fab. I love my Hermes lady – although she definitely likes my dog more and it’s usually with me in about 2-3 days. So, let me stop raving about how much I love Beauty Bay and tell you what I got!

Beauty Bay

RCMA Translucent Powder (£13, Beauty Bay)
I feel like YouTubers, bloggers along with all their mums, dads and dogs rave about RCMA powders. I do already have the Over Powder in Warm Gold – which is gorgeous dusted over the body or face for a subtle glow but during the colder months when I’m not as tan, it’s not really a look. So, I bit the bullet – as my banana powder is also a little too yellow for me at the moment and went with the translucent. I would have gone for the No-Colour but it wasn’t available at the time and surely translucent and no-colour are pretty much the same thing?

I’ve been wearing it almost everyday since getting it and I’ve been hooked. It doesn’t look cakey – no matter how much you put on. It doesn’t change the colour of your foundation/concealer and other powders apply beautifully on top of it. Not only that, but it also help keep my makeup in place all day without me getting too oily. I couldn’t recommend it enough!

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal in Natural (£5, Beauty Bay)
Towards the beginning of 2017, I was obsessed with this concealer and I love the large shade range it comes in – quite honestly, I don’t know why I stopped using it. I’ve recently not been wearing concealer a whole bunch but it was more than likely because I didn’t have any in the right shade.

Natural from L.A. Girl is a light beige with a pink undertone. This is great for using under the eyes and it counteracts any blueness and ensures that you look bright eyed and awake. It’s also super pigmented and great for spot concealing. It’s my favourite affordable concealer.. although I suppose I haven’t tried the Makeup Revolution one everyone’s raving about yet.

Holika Holika Aloe 99% Soothing Gel (£8, Beauty Bay)

It’s absolutely no secret that I’ve been suffering with my skin recently. Not in an acne or oily kind of way, but more that it’s become super sensitive, flares up for no reason and is so dry that it scales – it’s really annoying. Due to this, I’ve been steering away from my usual skincare and trying to find things especially designed for sensitive skin, with as little perfume in as possible.

When I came across this gel on Beauty Bay, I knew that I needed it. It’s a natural aloe gel which is soothing, non-stick and it said it helps to promote a clear, healthy complexion. Not only all that, but it also has some brilliant reviews.

I’ve been using this pretty much everyday for about two weeks now and not only does it soothe and smooth the skin, it works brilliantly as a base for makeup and there’s so much of it, I’ve been tempted to plaster it all over my body. To be honest, I have been using it on my chest and shoulders, where I’m prone to body acne and it’s been working a dream. If you have sensitive skin, I’d definitely recommend giving this a go.

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation in 2.1Y Medium (£5.95, Beauty Bay)

In my last Beauty Bay haul here >>A Teenie Tiny Beauty Bay Haul<< I purchased The Ordinary Serum foundation and I haven’t put it down since. If I haven’t used it straight up, I’ve been mixing it in with other foundations – or simply not wearing foundation. The coverage is buildable, meaning you can wear it medium but it’s really great for adding that extra pump and becoming a full coverage, everyday, lightweight foundation. As I love it so much, I decided to give the one made purposely for coverage a go. I went for a darker shade as it’s more than likely this will be worn for nights out when I’ve got my false tan on.

I’ve only worn it once so far – mainly because I’m not the right shade, but my god it’s incredible. It definitely feels heavier than the serum, but it still isn’t a cakey or heavy feel to the face. One and a half pumps was all I needed to get full coverage on my face and if I didn’t need to highlight the centre, concealer wouldn’t have been needed at all. So if you’re a full coverage girl – this is a must have. It’s so easy breezey that I’d even say you could wear it everyday.

What’s your most recent purchase from Beauty Bay? I’d love to know!

Love, always.






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6 thoughts on “Beauty Bay Launched an App, a.k.a Hello Haul

  1. This post makes my want to place an order on Beauty Bay so bad- everything you got I have been dying to try. That aloe vera gel seems so nice, my dry skin is calling for something like that! Lovely post x

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  2. It seems to me that it’s a rare powder to never end up looking cakey, no matter the amount put on. I’d like to try getting that RCMA translucent powder (: xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can honestly say that this one doesn’t make me feel or look cakey – it literally sets everything into place and keeps me nice and matte where I want to be x

      Liked by 1 person

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