The 7 Day Jamberry Challenge

We’re all aware that nothing lasts forever. Be it your lipstick, hairspray or nail varnish. But we’ll always strive to find one that lasts as long as it possibly can.

We all know that gel is the way forward in the nail varnish category. It lasts a good week or longer – depending on how well they’re done and what you’ve been up to – but it’s still prone to chipping, peeling off and I’ve even known ones in the past to change colour (more so the paler ones).

When I was introduced to Jamberry nail wraps by the lovely Toni (@toniwiththenails), I was so drawn to them. They’re easy to apply, eye-catching and they’re a great way to get stunning nails without the effort, for the maximum amount of time.

I’ve done a post in the past that I’ll link here >>How To Get The Perfect Manicure<< showing you how to apply the wraps if you don’t have the fancy shmancy equipment from Jamberry. Literally all you need is an orange stick, some scissors, a nail file, a hairdryer and some gel nail prep with a cotton wool pad.

The unique selling point of Jamberry is that you have a perfect manicure for longer than you would your normal nail varnish, or in my case a gel manicure.

First off, don’t get me wrong, I do my gel nails at home myself. As I’m doing it myself at home, I take shortcuts and don’t apply all the fancy stuff, buff my nails and paint them in multiple thin layers. So yes, it’s not your beauty salon style. However, I do always find a good gel manicure by myself, lasts around 7 days before it shows signs of wear and tear. This is always dependant on what I’m upto that week (i.e. if I’ve bothered to do any housework, washing up etc).

For this week’s manicure I painted my nails with a black gel varnish from BlueSky (£6.50, Amazon) and applied a Jamberry wrap that was kindly gifted to me by the lovely Toni to my ring finger. To check all of the wraps available, please see her page here. The one I chose has a black pattern with clear ‘windows’.

First off, how bomb does my mani look? Its classic with a hint of something something – my favourite kind of mani.

Now, for the wear test.

So I did my mani on Wednesday last week, 4 April to be exact, and currently as I’m writing this post it’s the 10 April. The manis itself has therefore been on for a week and as you can see, there’s slight chippage to three of my gel polish nails on this hand and to be honest, the other hands no better off. There’s two nails that are chipped there. Aside from the chips I’d say 6 of those 8 nails are also lifting and I’m finding it really hard to resist the temptation to peel them off completely. Anybody else do that?

In terms of my Jamberry wraps, they look exactly how they did when I applied them. There’s no faded colour, chips and no lifting from the nail. On the picture on this post, I don’t know if you can tell but the top layer of the Jamberry, I suppose it’s like a clear film, has slightly come away from the patterned part but it’s not catching on anything and it’s not affecting the look of my mani. What more could a girl ask for?

I’ve used Jamberry’s here and there since November and can honestly say I’ve been super impressed. If you’re going away, have a special event or simply want an eye-catching mani that will last you for around two weeks, look no further.  

Please be sure to check out Toni’s profile, along with all the other products from Jamberry here and if you have any questions, they have an amazing live chat service on their website.

Have you ever tried any Jamberry products or similar nail wraps? I’d love to know.

Love, always.






Please email any PR or business enquiries to

N.B. I was gifted these products by Toni, however I wasn’t asked to review/blog about them and can confirm that all opinions on the products are my own.

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