A Little Bit of MAC Shopping…

It’s very rare that I hit pan on a product and when I do hit pan, I know that means I’ve really enjoyed the product and probably used it almost every day. That’s certainly the case for my favourite bronzer – MAC Give Me Sun!

It’s the perfect warm peachy toned bronzer with a hint of something that means it’s not completely matte but more ‘skin glow’. It lasts better than any other bronzer I have throughout the day and it’s perfect for when I’m super tanned and also fairer. Probably why I’ve got through it so fast as it’s perfect for every single makeup look – day or night.

As it’s nearly dead and gone, I first went to ASOS (woo free next day delivery all year round) to get myself a replacement – it’s one of my holy grails and the thought of being without it for more than a week makes me nervous. However, I couldn’t even find it on there. So off to the MAC website I went. Before my very eyes was a sign that I couldn’t resist – Spend £60 and get a free makeup bag with contents worth over £40 – YES PLEASE!

Now, my Mineralize Skinfinish is just £25.50 (MAC Cosmetics) but I knew there was another product I’d been dying to get in the right shade for a while now and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

My holy grail foundation, MAC Face & Body Studio.

I already have this product but in the shade C4, which is great when I’m fresh off the plane from somewhere exotic and don’t get me wrong, I can make it work but it’s for the best I get a slighter lighter shade.

So, as for 120ml of this stuff it’s £28 (MAC Cosmetics) this bought my total shopping basket price to almost, very almost the right amount. I went with one shade lighter which is C3. This meant it kept the same yellow undertones but just works a lot better with my not so tanned body and face now. It’s also a great everyday foundation as it literally looks like you’re wearing nothing and if needed, it can be built up to a medium coverage. I personally love this foundation even for nights out – it just seems to work well with my skin for all occasions.

As I wasn’t quite at my needed amount for a free gift and I didn’t want to spend another £20 odd pound just for the sake of it, I decided to take a look into the MAC travel size stuff.

I know that recently, they bought out ‘little MAC’ and I thought this would be a great way to get me up to that needed limit, whilst not plunging into a full size product. Now, I’m not going to lie – this was the hardest decision I had to make. There’s so many amazing mini lipsticks, lipglosses and skincare to choose from, I really had to think about it. But eventually, I decided to try the Lipglass in Nymphette (£10, MAC Cosmetics).

I’ve never purchased a lip gloss type product from MAC before and in the summertime, I am very keen on glossy lips with a super fresh glowy face. This lipglass reminded me of a perfect summer glow tone. It’s a mid-toned pink with gorgeous gold reflects running through it. It doesn’t look like much in the swatches but my goodness, it’s stunning when on. I’m really happy I decided to go with this and I’ll definitely be considering the full size when this one’s ran out. However, for now, this is the perfect companion for me to take on my travels during the summer leaving me more space for other products and of course, that extra bikini you always ooo and aah about.

So, as I’d managed to get past that £60, I got to choose a free gift from two options. Within the super cute black makeup bag was a few things that were the same no matter what you choose. This was a mini mascara, a travel sized strobe cream, a travel sized prep and prime, along with a little face oil that’s perfect for taking your makeup off with.

I always love little free gifts like this because sometimes you’ll discover great products you’d never consider buying before. I’ve had a sample of the prep and prime face base before and it’s actually a really amazing primer. I’d forgotten all about it until getting this free gift and if I love it as much as I did when I last sampled it, I’ll definitely consider getting the full size.

The most amazing thing about this free gift was that you get a full sized Liptensity Lipstick and a Liptensity Lip Pencil. The two chooses were a red set or a nude set.

As much as I would have loved the red, I thought I’d get a hell lot of more wear out of a nude – especially as I already have about six red lipsticks I swear by (hands up for a post of them).

The nude version consisted of the Liptensity Lip Pencil in Honey Pecan (£15.50, MAC Cosmetics). This is a gorgeous warm nude twistable (yay for no sharpening) lip pencil that’ll be perfect with every single nude lip. It’s creamy and extremely pigmented.

The lipstick to compliment this lip liner perfectly is the Liptensity Lipstick in Well Bred Brown (£18, MAC Cosmetics). Now, this very shade has actually won a Sunday Times Style Award in 2017 – so you know it must be good. The colour is a gorgeous light nude that will go perfectly with both day and night time glam makeup looks. The consistency of the lipstick is creamy, pigmented and very comfortable on the lips. It has a semi-matte finish, making it look extremely natural.

I’m super happy with my purchases and free gifts, especially as two of the products are full size and I can’t wait to create some amazing looks with them.

I’d love to know what you’ve most recently bought from MAC and if there’s anything you think I should get my hands on!

Love, always.






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    1. Thanks Jazmin!
      I haven’t even tried them on yet but they look so so amazing – a great one for super bronzer looks x


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