A Makeup Step We Don’t Need? I Try The Revolution Pro Supreme Hold Setting Spray

I have a very weird relationship with setting sprays and don’t find myself really reaching for them everyday. It’s another one of those products that I feel we use for the sake of it. I can’t say I ever really see enough of a change or my makeup wears longer enough than usual for me to warrant having one in my collection.

When I was recently in Superdrug they’d got a whole stand of the new Revolution Pro collection. I was very intrigued by many of the products and honestly, I feel I haven’t seen too many reviews about them – or maybe they’ve just slipped past my feeds.

As with most Revolution products, no matter what store you go into, what’s left is very sparse and this was definitely the case with Revolution Pro.

There was a couple of eyeshadow palettes – something which I definitely have too many of and don’t need anymore, some lipstick – which again, I really don’t require and then they had the setting sprays. There was a couple to choose from and I decided, as I don’t currently have a setting spray, to get the Supreme Hold setting spray (£6, Superdrug). What harm could it do right?

I didn’t even think about it if I’m honest, I just whacked it straight into my basket and before I knew it, I was at home trying it out.

What’s the purpose of setting sprays you may ask? Essentially, they act as a barrier for when you’ve finished your makeup to keep it in place – for as long as possible. They’re also meant to make your face look less cakey. So if you’ve put a lot of powders, such as bronzer, blusher and highlighter on, after spraying your face down it’ll look more natural.

I’ve been using this setting spray for about two weeks now and if I’m completely honest, I notice nothing different in terms of my makeup. I don’t really wear enough powders to warrant a good enough less cakey powder looking test. However, it’s not a complete dud product for me. I do enjoy spraying my face before applying highlighter and it seems to set the powder highlight off even more – making me look even more glowy than usual.

The spray itself is a really good mist, it’s not spitty and it covers a good area of the face – which is definitely a bonus.

In terms of makeup longevity, I couldn’t say there’s anything that really stands out to me where at the end of the day, I feel my makeups lasted longer. Some days, it’s perfect at the end and others it’s pretty much non-existent and this is when I have been spraying my face each time. This makes me think it’s something to do with my makeup itself rather than the spray.

If you’re a fan of setting sprays, this may be something you want to look into. For me personally, it’s continued my theory that setting sprays just don’t work for me. If anyone was in the same position as me but you’ve now found one that’s worked, please let me know what you use. I’m always up for trying something new!

Love, always.






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12 thoughts on “A Makeup Step We Don’t Need? I Try The Revolution Pro Supreme Hold Setting Spray

  1. I agree with you that setting sprays are totally not necessary for normal to dry skin types! The only people I could see really benefitting from a good setting spray is folks on the extremely oily side of the spectrum like myself, and even then, there’s only a few really good ones out there that will do the trick it seems!


  2. Setting Sprays are a must for me! I have oily skin so I definitely do thing it’s targeted for Beauties with combination to oily skin. It is good that you noticed it help with your highlight, I actually never notice how a setting spray effects my highlight haha!

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    1. I think the common theme is that it’s best suited to oily skins.
      You should definitely try applying your highlight after spraying it on – works a charm! X

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    1. That’s very true! Thanks for popping along and reading. If you have any recommendations for any others, please let me know!


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