It’s All About Painting Your Brows. Wait,WHAT?!

In a world of perfect brows, painting them on sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. I’m here to tell you that it’s not – it’s actually a great way to get natural looking brows in super quick time. Crazy, I know but trust me on this.

Recently on they recently released a bunch of new Eylure products. Now, I’m always using and raving about their Dybrow brow tint for keeping your brows looking defined when you don’t have a scrap of makeup on – (How I Shape and Dye My Brows At Home) – but I’ve never actually tried their makeup brow products.

The range of brow products they do have is insane. There’s the Brow Paint (which is my main star of the show), Brow Pencil, Brow Crayon, Brow Gel, Brow Pomade, Brow Amplifier, Brow Contour… you get the idea right, there’s LOADS. There’s literally a brow product for whatever look you desire for your brows from natural, to defined, to instagrammable.

Personally, I’m quite laid back with my brows. I like them to be filled in and defined – but not to the point where they’re contoured blocks of brow and not so perfect that they’re instagrammable. When I saw the Brow Paint, I’ll be honest – I was a little skeptical over whether it would work for my brow look, but I was pleasantly surprised…

In the Brow Paint (£8.95,, you get to choose from three colours; blonde, mid brown and dark brown. Although my hair is a dark blonde colour, I personally like my brows to be a bit darker and due to this, I went for the mid brown shade.

The idea itself is kind of like a ‘touch eclat’ style concealer style product, but instead a colour for your brows. So the ‘paint’ is in a felt tip pen form. This makes it super easy to control and ‘paint on your brows’. The tip is a real stiff brush – that still has flexibility and you simply twist the bottom of the pen to get the colour to come up and into the brush.

Even typing this, it all sounds very wrong – but it is in fact, very right.

When the paint itself comes up to the brush, it’s important to note that it does all seem to come out in one direction and not evenly disperse itself within the brush. Due to this, I’d advise starting your brows around the arch, or the area where you’ll need more ‘paint’.

Upon first glance, the mid brown shade I have looks incredibly warm toned and in a sense auburn – which did put me off a little. But don’t worry, when it dries down it’s a gorgeous ashy mid brown shade – perfect for brows.

When applying the product, the brush tip is a brilliant tool. I find it so easy to shape my brows, I haven’t once gone out of the lines and when you’re almost out of product it’s a great tool to use to create those ‘hair like’ strokes at the front of your brow – and avoid the blocky look.

I’m super happy that I’ve tried this product because honestly, it’s something that I would never in a million years think would work for me. It just goes to show that Eylure know exactly what they’re doing and I shouldn’t judge products before trying them!

As well as the Brow Paint, I tried out the Precision Brow Crayon (£7.45, in the same shade – mid brown. This is hands down, an Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz dupe.

It has a super fine twist up pencil – perfect for creating super defined lines under the brow, as well as creating hair strokes within the brow for a natural look. On the other end, there’s also a real good spoole which is perfect for making sure your brows are going the right way when you’re filling them in. I also find that spooles are great for fainting out any colour where you may have gone in a little too hard.

As with the Brow Paint, this mid brown shade is also ashy toned and it comes in the same three colours – so it’s super easy to know which shade is best for you.

Personally, I’ve been using both these products together to create my everyday brow ever since I got them. I’ll use the Brow Paint for the last two thirds of my brows where I need the most ‘help’ and then I’ll use the Precision Brow Crayon at the front to create the natural faded look at the front of my brows.

If you’re looking to try out a new brow product and you fancy getting some affordable tools that are super simple to use and really do work – I’d definitely recommend checking these out.

Have you tried any of the other products from Eylure? I’d love to know if there’s anything else you’d suggest trying out – I honestly think I’m hooked.

Love, always.






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    1. Thanks for letting your daughter know about my review. If she ends up getting any, I’d love to know what she thinks! X


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