Products That Don’t Get The Exposure They Deserve: Toiletries

I love blogging and I love the blogging community but I think that often, with new products being released all the time, there’s certain ones that get left behind and never talked about. Well, that’s about to change. I’m here to tell you about all of those products that get put in the corner and kinda forgotten. Or, I’m mentioning them because I don’t see enough reviews to allow people to form a good opinion. I’m going to mention three toiletry items today and if it all goes well, who knows, maybe we’ll make this a series? Going onto beauty, skincare, haircare..the world is our oyster – so let’s begin.

Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Toothpaste (£3.75, Superdrug)

Toothpaste. It’s something that we use everyday – at least twice (or, at least I hope you do). It’s there to keep our teeth clean, our breath fresh and in the case of people like me, to keep the sensitivity away when we’re eating cold foods.

Honestly, I’ve never been diagnosed officially with sensitive teeth and I’m pretty sure compared to others, my teeth are perfectly normal and I don’t necessarily need to use a sensitive toothpaste. Nevertheless, Colgate’s whole range of sensitive toothpaste has been my favourite for the past couple of years.

It’s one of the few I’ve tried that really does mean I can bite into ice cream and not have that horrible sharp pain sensation. It also has a super fresh minty taste without being too minty – if that even makes sense. The effect of the toothpaste itself lasts me throughout the day and I never think twice about eating into anything cold. If you’re looking for a toothpaste for the summer where many of ice cold drinks, lollies and ice cream will be consumed – I’d definitely check this one out.

MitchumShower Fresh Roll-On Deodorant (£2.98, Superdrug)

You thought me talking about toothpaste was boring, well I’m sorry, we’re now moving onto deodorant. This deodorant has no competition and you don’t need to be a sweaty person to appreciate its power.

There’s a few different scents to choose from, but if like me you prefer your armpits to have no overpowering scent – rather than a floral scent, the shower fresh version is perfect for you.

The roll on doesn’t leave me with any white marks. I would advise being careful when applying it though, as sometimes if you get it on your top, it can leave a kind of wet looking stain. Don’t worry, it does come out in the wash but it can ruin your look – so just be careful.

I apply this in the morning and I can assure you that it works all day long. In addition to this, I often work out in the mornings before taking a shower and without reapplying from the day before – I don’t notice any pongy scents coming from my armpits. Isn’t this an attractive blog post! I can’t rave enough about this and honestly don’t think I could ever use anything else as my deodorant.

So…? Miami Vibes Body Mist (£5.99, Superdrug)

Excuse my joke but isn’t this sooo nineties. I used to be obsessed with the So…? Kiss Me Spray as a kid – who wasn’t! In all seriousness though, a body mist is a girls best friend and believe it or not – it doesn’t need to be a Victoria Secrets one.

I do think that Victoria Secrets have bought back the whole hype around body mists and I’m not mad at it.

Body mists are a great way to smell delicious at a super affordable price. Not only this, but they’re a great product to take out with you for the day to keep yourself smelling amazing throughout the day – without having to carry a heavy glass bottle that you don’t really want to lose.

This Miami Vibes scent is my kind of smell for the summer. It’s fruity with hints of melon and pear, along with floral notes of apple blossom. It smells like a perfume I would buy for a fifth of the price! If you’re lucky too, they often have deals on at Superdrug, meaning you can get it even cheaper.

I’d love to know what toiletries you think some exposure, because it shouldn’t be all about the same skincare, makeup and beauty products. Leave a comment below telling me!

Love, always.






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18 thoughts on “Products That Don’t Get The Exposure They Deserve: Toiletries

  1. I have been loving body mists lately and that So…? one sounds like it smells amazing!

    I also think in-shower moisturisers don’t get talked about much either when it’s like come on it eliminates the need to moisturise afterwards! 🙂

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  2. I love the Mitchum deodorant, I use this one regularly – even more so if it is on offer! I have just started using a body mist myself too, I am using the Hawaiian Tropic Summer Dreams one at the moment which is sooooo nice!

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