When In Rome, Eat as The Romans Do

I hope you’ve been enjoying my Rome travel series. I’ve really enjoyed telling you all about my time there and I’m excited to share my Berlin series with you next.

I feel that in terms of the posts I’ve shared so far, this is possibly the best – as it’s all about food. Oh yeah!

Now, before I crack on and let you know where you need to go for the best food, please check out my previous two posts below;
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In these I tell you all about the things you need to see, along with some handy tips if you’re travelling there (that you won’t find anywhere else).

So.. food!


I think it would be rude for me to not start with pizza right? Now if you’re anything like me, you’ll Trip Advisor absolutely everything before even travelling there – to make sure you’re going to adventure to the right places.

For Pizza the #1 place was ‘Pizza e Mozerella’ which is about 5 minutes away from the Pantheon. It’s tiny little shop and it’s truly italian. The pizzas, like many that I saw in little takeaways were square and the friendly owner would cut you a piece off and you’d pay for the weight of it.

As a 90% plant-based vegetarian, the amount of cheese on the margherita I went for was insane. Most definitely too much for me – but it was a good price. I think just a couple of euros. I’ll be honest as well that I had a migraine coming on that day and I wasn’t feeling 100%, after a couple of bites I ended up chucking the rest away but this wasn’t because it wasn’t good!

The base was thicker than you’d imagine for an italian pizza, it was almost deep pan level and you definitely got a good amount of topping, no matter which flavour you went for.

My husband to be had a couple of different pizzas, one which had potatoes on it (I know right) and he said they were delicious. So if you’re looking for a cheap eat whilst in the city centre, this is one to check out. You’ll just need to find somewhere to eat it as there’s nowhere to sit in the shop – it’s simply a take away.

Whilst we were in Rome, it was my birthday (wooo!) and all I wanted was a take away pizza and some beers. The owner of our apartment Giuseppe told us that the most amazing pizza place was just around the corner and he wasn’t joking!

Pinsere is also a little takeaway pizza place. Everything’s freshly made and once it’s gone – it’s gone. As I found out when wanting to try the quattro formaggio pizza and there being none left.

It was only a three minute walk from our apartment and the workers were so friendly and helpful!

If you were a vegan, there was a few different options of pizza to choose from which I thought was really impressive. Me and my fiance bought four pizzas, which are about the size of a small from a takeaway and the whole bill came to under 20 euros.

One of the pizzas I had was a chilli margherita and it was SO delicious. I’d highly recommend this place if you’re looking for something just outside of the city centre with a hella lot of flavour.ย  Unlike Pizza e Mozerella, these had a more classic italian thin base which personally I prefer.

Out of all the places we ate, I’d recommend this one the most!


Anyone who’s close to me will know that I’m not a fancy schmansy kind of person, I’d always prefer to get a takeaway than go to a fancy sit down restaurant.

If I was to go out for a meal, I’m the kind of girl that wants enough food on my plate to fill me up and not something that looks amazing.

When we decided to go to Rome, we looked up some fancy restaurants as when you’re on holiday, it’s more worthwhile to splash out. We found this lovely michelin star restaurant with an amazing view of the city, it was called the i-Sofa Loft & Bar.

i-Sofa was a fair walk from our apartment, about 40 minute walk but in a nice quiet area of Rome near the river. Upon entering the restaurant which was on the rooftop, we were each given a complimentary glass of prosecco and a bread basket (which may I add, these breads were heavenly).

The menu itself wasn’t overly appealing for a vegetarian as there were only two options that sounded pretty ‘salady’, unlike the meat eaters who has numerous options of flavours.

I ended up going with a noodle dish with beetroot cream and honestly, it tasted like fancy super noodles. They were nothing to shout home about!

As we were there, we decided to get dessert and both went for a lemon tart. Personally, I didn’t find the lemon tart lemony enough for my likes and the base was hard to eat that the waiter ended up giving me a fork to try and eat it with.

Overall, the experience was nice. I did feel very out of place as I’m not one to be a bit over the top but if I could go back in time, I wouldn’t go back – apart from for the bread.

As with the pizza recommendation from our mate Giuseppe also recommended a restaurant to eat at around the corner from our apartment called La Pentolaccia.

It’s a traditional italian restaurant with a fancy feel but makes you feel at home – if that makes any sense?

Our waiter was definitely the star of the show and if you’re a wine-person, he could recommend the perfect wine for the dish you were having. I had Ravioli for my main and although there was only about 6 pieces, it was surprisingly filling. That didn’t mean that I didn’t have room for dessert though. As I was in Italy I thought it would be rude to not have a tiramisu and at this restaurant they were made in home on that day – I couldn’t resist and it was so tasty!

There was a lot of choice for all dietary requirements at this restaurant and I really thought it was something special – so definitely check it out if you’re going to Rome anytime soon.


If you come to Italy and don’t have gelato, then you might as well have gone elsewhere as it was on every corner you turned.

We were about 3 days into our trip before we even had any gelato but my god, it was good. We went to Gelateria Del Monte in Vatican and the choice was almost too much.

I got a scoop of banana and another of hazelnut in a tub and it was just what I needed! If you’re in Vatican and after an ice cream fix, this is the place to come.

If you’re looking for the best gelato you’ve ever tasted in your life though, you need to make a trip to Come il Latte.

Upon walking in my tastebuds were tingling and I didn’t know where to start. I ended up going for a small – which trust me was more than enough! First off they asked what flavour chocolate I wanted, unsure what she was on about I went for dark and the lady poured melted chocolate straight into my cone – yum!

I had hazelnut ice cream (one of my favourites if you can’t already guess) along with a vanilla biscuit ice cream. The lady then asked if I’d like normal cream or vanilla cream – unsure what she was on about I went for vanilla and she put a gorgeous blob of cream on the top of my already bursting ice cream. She then added a wafer to the ice cream before asking if I wanted dark chocolate again and pouring this over the top of the ice cream.

If that’s not a piece of art, then I don’t know what is! I also ended up getting a dark chocolate biscuit ice cream sandwich from the freezer and it also hit the spot. Honestly the best ice cream I’ve ever had – ever.


I’m not a wine fan and although I do love a gin or a cocktail, I most often go for a beer when drinking.

I already knew, thanks to the great pubs back home, that I’m a massive fan of Peroni and Birra Moretti but whilst there, we asked our host Giuseppe which beers he liked the most – and he didn’t let us down.

Whilst in Italy we had Peroni Chill – which was a lemon Peroni shandy (and it was my favourite drink of all time). There was also Birra Poretti which came in different hops, depending how dark you like your beer. Personally, I only tried the draft version – which I believe was 3 – it was delicious.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed Peroni both Birra Peroni and Nastro Azzurro were my favourites whilst over there – a true italian classic, although I did prefer the glasses that the Birra Moretti came in (all about the aesthetic yeah?).

I hope you’ve found this post helpful and if there’s any places you feel are also great recommendations for people, please leave them in the comments below!

Love, always.






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