Do You Need It? Missguided Body Mists

Missguided is a well known and well loved fashion brand not only in the UK, but worldwide. I’ve shopped with them for many years now and I think the quality of their clothes, along with the trends they create are second to none.

When I was doing my usual Superdrug monthly splurge I noticed that they’ve bought out some body mists and boy, do I love a body mist.

I think they’re great for days where you’re not doing anything special, great for having in your work bag for if you fancy a little freshen up and also great for taking on nights out when you don’t want to be taking your expensive perfume.

In recent months I’ve also found that many of the body mists available are really good quality often mimicking scents that you’d expect from a fancy perfume.

As someone who loves Missguided anyway, I decide to give a couple of the ones available a go.

The first one I have is Vibe Enhancer (£10, Superdrug). This is in a gorgeous baby pink bottle and smells sweet and fruity – all at the same time. Here’s the notes; Fruity apple, strawberry, caramel and vanilla.

It’s a really nice scent for the day time and I find that it lasts pretty well but of course, it’s not going to last all day.

The other is Boy Tears (£10, Superdrug), in a pearly white bottle. This one is a bit more unisexy and spicy. The notes are; Bergamot, raspberry, peony, patchouli and amber.

It’s a lovely musk sort of scent, one that I personally love as I’m a huge fan of CK one (I’d even go as far to say it’s my signature scent) and this has definite similarities.

If you’re not big into your sweet smells, this one’s definitely more for you. I find it lasts well throughout the day and I’m often wearing this to work as I think it’s the perfect non-overpowering but you still smell gorgeous scent.

With the body mists themselves you get a huge 290ml for just £10 – which is absolutely amazing. Many of the other body mists are about £4 for just 100ml – so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

I personally am really glad that I picked a couple of these up as although I have other body mists, these smell more like a perfume than just a cheap body spray that you’ve whacked on – d’ya get what I mean jelly bean?

All in all I’d definitely recommend trying them out and picking one up if you’re in the market for a new scent product. There’s also two other scents call Unicorn Dreams and Instant Feels, meaning there’s enough choice for everyone’s scent preference.

What are you favourite body mists at the moment? I’d love to know!

Love, always.






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