Make A Statement With Pinky Goat Lashes

I’m the first to admit that I don’t wear false eyelashes all that often, but in recent months that’s changed. It’s all thanks to the amazing and their amazing range of lashes and more!

I was lucky enough to be sent a selection of Pinky Goat lashes to try out and they haven’t disappointed.

At this point with the whole beauty world drama, I feel obliged to say that these were sent to me but please note, all opinions are completely my own. I haven’t been asked to write a blog post about them, I’m just doing it because they’re so darn good!

So, back to where we were. I received three pairs of lashes from Pinky Goat and I tried to choose three pairs that were a little different to each other. So I’m really able to show them off to you. In the next part of the blog, I’m going to show you the lashes and a couple of looks I’ve created using them!

Pinky Goat Amani Lashes (£9.99,

These are great lashes if you’re after something that’s dramatic and natural, all at the same time. What drew me to these lashes was the wispyness of them, along with the thin lash band – perfect for disguising within your own lashes. These lashes are made with silk and completely handmade – making them even more special.

I wore these when I went to a gin festival. They were on all day from around midday to midnight and excuse the pun, but I didn’t bat an eyelid. It didn’t even feel like they were there. They’re so comfortable to wear and lightweight enough that you don’t feel your eyes weighing you down.

To see the whole look I created for the gin festival, see my blog post here – Let’s Have Some Gin and Get Dolled Up

Pinky Goat Saja Lashes (£9.99,

These are the only pair of lashes I’m yet to wear and it’s all because I’m saving them for a special occasion. I mean, have you seen how fabulous they are.

They’re so fabulous that they’ve even won a beauty awards prize in 2015 and I’m not surprised. These lashes are extreme in both their length and volume. The bands a little thicker than the previous Amani pair, but as you’d wear them with a more dramatic look – it’s nothing to concern yourself with.

The silk fibres in these lashes are double layered to create even more intensity. I can’t wait to find the perfect occasion for them!

Pinky Goat Al Maha Lashes (£9.99,

Of all the lashes that I picked, these are most definitely the most natural and the most ‘me’. They’re super fluttery and they wing out ever so slightly at the edge, making them perfect for wear with a wing or cat eye.

I wore them on a night out when I really couldn’t be bothered to my makeup, but still wanted to look glam. I paired them with a simple wing liner and a red lip – my go to!

I think they’re super versatile as you could also make a smoky eye pop with these or you could even get away with wearing them with just some mascara, as the lash bands so thin.

To see the whole look I created with them, pop to the blog post here – In A Rush Glam, For The Nights For When You Can’t Be Bothered

I’ve loved these lashes so much and as they’re made with silk fibres, not only are they cruelty-free but you can also wear them around 10 times each. That’s providing that you keep them in good shape and for less than £10 a pair – that’s more than value for your money.

I’d love to know which false lash brands you’re loving at the moment!

Love, always.






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11 thoughts on “Make A Statement With Pinky Goat Lashes

  1. Beautiful lashes, beautiful eyes. Loved this post! I just picked up a pair of magnetic lashes yesterday. Have you tried those? I wrestled with them last night and got only the left side on, lol. I’m going to try it again later when I have more patience!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Connie!

      I have tried magnetic lashes and it was a massive disaster. For the amount of time it took me to get them on right – I might as well have put falsies on x


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