Chloe Morello Made Me Buy Lanolips

Hands down one of my favourite YouTuber’s is Chloe Morello. She’s so real and honest, meaning that when she comes out with a product or says how much she likes one, I’m first in line.

She recently did this video about her top 10 nude lip glosses. In the video, she showed a berry toned lip gloss from Lanolips (as she couldn’t find the nude one that she was looking for). I’ve noticed for a few months now that Chloe really enjoys to use Lanolips products and when I saw her apply this on the video, I was immediately sold.

The product I’m talking about is Lanolips Lip Ointment with Colour SPF 30 in Rhubarb (£8.99, Boots). This product comes all the way from Australia and the colour of this gloss is absolutely stunning. It’s a sheer berry toned gloss which will be perfect for the autumn and winter months. It’ll be equally as stunning in the summer months with super bronzed skin.

As Lanolips is a product that’s meant for soothing chapped lips, cuticles and everything in-between, this gloss is very balmy and nourishing on the lips.

When I first applied this product my lips were a little dry and as the product wore off, which of course it will as it’s a gloss/balm hybrid, my lips were left super soft and moisturised.

The pigment of the shade itself is very good considering it’s a balm product and it stays pretty well for a couple of hours until all the eating, talking and drinking you do causes it to wear off. When it does wear off, it’s good to know that it does so evenly. Nobody likes being left with random patches of colour on the lips.

An extra brucey bonus is that the product has SPF30, meaning that if you’re wearing it out and about in the sun, your lips are nice and protected from any sun damage.

I’m definitely interested in buy any other ointments that they do with colour within them, although I’d also love to try the lemon-aid version of the balm too. Honestly, I’m just spoilt for choice and they’re even cruelty-free.

Do you have any Lanolips products? If so, please let me know which one you have!

Love, always.






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