Eat In Style In Berlin

There was so many things that I loved about Berlin but one of the main things was the food. From Indian, to Vietnamese to of course German – there was something for everyone. Someone I found especially amazing was the choice of food there was for anyone who’s vegan – or like me, mainly plant based.

As I found so many amazing places to eat at, I decided to share them all with you in this post, along with what I’d recommend – I hope you enjoy!

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Lia’s Kitchen 100% Vegan
Wow, wow, WOW. I’ve tried many veggie and vegan burgers in my time and nothing, I mean nothing, compares to the one that I had at Lias.

Not only were the portions huge and the prices extremely cheap for what you got, but the burgers were so tasty and full of flavour. I went for the ‘chicken’ burger whilst my fiance went for the mushroom one. He found it so tasty that he even left a review for the restaurant on Trip Advisor – I know right.

If you’re looking for the #1 burger place in Berlin, regardless of whether you’re vegan or not – this is the place to go! Oh and they also deliver, so if for any reason you’re hungover and fancy getting some great food to perk you up – this would be a great shout.

If you like a traditional Indian curry then this is right up your street! We found this restaurant on the first day that we got to Berlin where we were after somewhere to sink a stein. Although we weren’t hungry at the time, the food around us smelt so good that we decided to go back another night for a curry.

There’s so many options to choose from at Khushi, a great happy hour cocktail menu everyday and the prices are extremely reasonable for the portions that you get. The waiters were also very helpful, friendly and ensured you had everything you could need.

I went for one of the vegan curries and it didn’t disappoint. The portions were a great size and by sharing a rice and naan bread between us both, our bellies were left super full. Although we did then go for dessert elsewhere..

In Berlin I’d advise that you need need need to go to at least one Vietnamese restaurant. They’re everywhere and for good reason, the food is delicious and extremely well made.

After our curry at Khushi, we wanted a little bit of dessert but nothing too sweet. We made our way down the road and came across this cute little Vietnamese restaurant, when we saw there was sticky rice on the menu we were sold.

My fiance went for the sticky rice with mango – an absolute Asian classic and I went for sweet potato pancakes with a chocolate drizzle. They were so delicious and unusual all at the same time. If you like Asian desserts, this is a great place to go! – I’m sure their food is equally as delicious.

Qua Phe
Whilst we’re on the subject of Vietnamese restaurants, I need to give a huge shout out to this one. Qua Phe was so amazing that we went twice whilst we were there.

The food was super cheap and so so so so tasty. They had a great menu with many meat, veggie and vegan options to choose from. Although they didn’t sell alcohol, they did serve up the most delicious drinks made from cane sugar – they truly were something else.

I may have had the same thing each time that we went to Qua Phe but it was because I couldn’t fault it. If you’re to go anywhere from my recommendations in this post, this is definitely up there with Lia’s Kitchen.

Cuore Di Vetro
After we’d had a lovely meal from Qua Phe, we noticed there was a big queue outside of a shop a couple of doors down. Being nosey, we noticed that everyone was having ice cream and immediately did the classic Trip Advisor stalk to see what the fuss was all about.

Cuore Di Vetro sells true Italian gelato, in a range of delicious and unique flavours. Of course, we tried it out and after just being to Rome – this didn’t disappoint. The gelato was creamy, smooth and totally mouthwateringly tasty. They also, like many places in Berlin, had a great range of vegan gelatos to choose from.

Although I didn’t go outside of my comfort zone in terms of flavour, they were many crazy creations available – such as salted peanut and I’m sure there was a cheese one (weird I know).

Now this is something I didn’t know existed and not that I do, there needs to be a Spooning everywhere I go – it’s a cookie dough bar!

From plain cookie dough, to rocky road and peanut crunch – there’s something for everyone. Not only can you get scoops of cookie dough, there’s also ice cream and topping for offer to really satisfy your sweet tooth.

When we got our cookie dough there wasn’t much left to choose from and I ended up getting one scoop of Chocolate Classic with fudge pieces on top. It was more than enough to end my sweet cravings and I wish I’d had one every day!

There really was so many cuisine choices in Berlin, something that I was so pleased with as I thought I was going to be eating chips for a week whilst there.

If you’ve got any other recommendations for people heading over to Berlin, please leave them in the comments. I’ll also be taking a look into them for if I ever go back in the future!

Love, always.






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