Christmas Gift Guide: A Fragrance For Everyone

Yes, I said the word – Christmas. Believe it or not, it’s less than six weeks ahead of us and probably for most people, only one payday away as well.

I decided that due to this, it was time to start bringing out a couple of gift guides – some of them will be like this with loads of options and others will simply be one product that’s a great gift. Either way, it’s hopefully some inspiration for you all to get!

So this week, I’m talking women’s fragrance. Perfume is something I think is very personal to a person, as everyone has a scent they think is ‘the one’. As it’s something so personal, I also think it’s a very thoughtful gift to buy someone and always one that the receiver is grateful for.

To help you make your choice of a perfume gift, I’ve put together a little guide of a fragrance for every kind of person – although you may know other types of these people that enjoy the fragrance too! P.s. There’s an extra piece of inspiration/stocking filler at the end (hint, hint).

The Sweet One – Armani Diamonds She Violet (£33, 30ml, Superdrug)With notes of praline, hazelnut and almond – this is definitely for your friend with a sweet tooth.  The bottle is so gorgeous and the violet really shines through if displayed in a light space/room. It’s so pretty, it’s definitely one that the gift receiver will be sure to put on display. Personally, I like this fragrance for a cute date night or out for a girly lunch – as it’s so sweet. It’s one I reach for quite a lot if I’m not sure what to go for and want something that’s not too overpowering.

The Celebrity Lover – Rihanna Rebelle (£20, 100ml, Superdrug)
We all have that one friend that keeps up with the celebrities and let’s be honest – who doesn’t admire Rihanna. Not only did she start her career young, she’s since created her own beauty empire and made sure it’s suitable for women of all races and all ages – absolutely incredible. The fragrance Rebelle is quite fruity and musty all at the same time. It’s got notes of strawberries, amber, vanilla and cocoa to name a few. It’s definitely unlike anything I’ve smelt before and is the perfect day to day fragrance that will also take you into the night if needed. It’s definitely an all rounder and the bottle, like Rihanna’s other fragrances is showstopping.

The Fashionista – Missguided Fragrances (£28, 80ml, Fragrance Shop)These fragrances are definitely something a little extra, with the bottle itself looking like a drink you’d happily drink out of the fridge. I’d say they’re definitely for the teen/young adult in your life – but even myself, a 26 year old, they’re right up my street scent wise. The two here are Babe Oud and Babe Power. Rather than bore you with the ins and out, I’ll link my blog post to them both here: Babe In A Can
They’re definitely great go-to fragrances that are easy on the nose and something a little different in terms of packaging.

The Unisexy One – CK One (£29, 50ml, Superdrug)
Before I start raving about this fragrance, you must know that this is pretty much my everyday go to and therefore, I’m probably quite biased about it. It’s one of those fragrances that’s perfect for the daytime, work, day dates, cinema outings, basically anything. It is a fragrance for both men and women, which I think is one of the many reasons I love it so much. It has that hint of masculinity without me actually smelling like a man. The notes in this are mandarin orange, bergamot, violet, jasmine and lily to name a few. It really is a fragrance that I think would work with literally anyone due to the different notes and it’s also great for those who enjoy things more on the citrus-y side.

The Floral One – Gucci Guilty (£59, 50ml, Superdrug)
This scent is described as an oriental floral – which to be honest, is the perfect description. The notes are mandarin, pink pepper, peach and lilac to name a few. Alongside this, can we take a second to appreciate the beauty of the bottle. If that gold beauty doesn’t scream ‘rich bitch’ then I don’t know what does. It’s perfect for all ages and I actually think it would be a great perfume to get for your mum and what a treat for her too!

The Stocking Filler – Twist & Spritz (£10, Fragrance Shop)Not only is this rose gold colour to die for, the concept of this atomizer is amazing. It allows you to take your favourite perfume around with you, everywhere you go. This is especially perfect for nights out. How many of you know someone (or maybe you do it yourself) that takes a whole bottle of perfume out with them for ‘touch ups’. Not only are you risking losing it but for a night out, you can guarantee you’re not wearing the cheap stuff. It’s great for those people, alongside those people we know who like travelling, taking everything but their kitchen sink with them wherever they do and also just the clever people who pop it in their handbag for if they’re ever in a rush in the morning, completely forgetting the morning spritz.

I hope this post has been an inspiration to you all for what to buy those special people for christmas time – they’re very lucky people. If there’s other fragrances you’d like to share with the readers or you have your own fragrance guide, please link it below – the more inspo the better.

Love, always.






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