The Perfect Stocking Filler From Sensationail

I feel like every friend has a category of makeup that they obsess over more than another – for me, it’s lipstick – for many people it’s nail varnish. Nail varnish is, well for me anyway, quite a therapeutic thing. You get to take the time, be it five minutes or half an hour to treat yourself and the time spent is all about you.

Now, another thing I love about nail varnish it that it’s a great way to express yourself be it through bright colours or nail design and a key part of that is having the tools themselves.

Recently one of my favourite gel nail varnish brands Sensationail bought out some amazing regular varnishes – Nailtural Natural Nail Polish. Not only do they have super cute packaging and a great colour range, they’re also made up of goodness.

85% of the ingredients for these nail varnishes are sourced from ingredients such as potatoes, corn and wheat – pretty amazing right? On top of that, due to the way the product’s are sourced they’re completely cruelty-free and vegan. If you’re not sold on those facts, just wait till you see the amazing colours and cute names on their website here. There’s everything from pinks to blues, pastels to brights and even complete neutrals.

Each of the varnishes are £6, which is extremely reasonable for what they are. For your friend who loves nail varnish you could buy one as a stocking filler. You can even get a few along with some hand cream or maybe even some of the treatments on the Sensationail website for a full blown beauty lovers gift.

The two colours that I have to show you today are Berry Balance – a deep berry shade with a strong undertone of red and Whimsical White – a staple white polish for any nail varnish collection.

I’ve worn both of these shades and have to say I’m super impressed with them so far!

With Berry Balance, the shade went on completely opaque in just one coat, as you can see from the photo the polish is smooth and there’s no patches showing. I’d also like to point out that I didn’t apply a top coat or base coat, so this is literally just the nail varnish itself.

In terms of the shade Whimsical White, a shade that’s always hard to master, this also went on absolutely amazingly. Although I did need to put two coats on for a full opaque finish, I was really impressed with how the white didn’t go on patchy at all. Something I often find with white nail products.

Without the base and top coat, I found the varnish lasted about three days before starting to chip, which for a regular varnish is really good! There’s also no strong scent to the polish, something which is always a put off for me when it comes to regular nail varnish.

I think that these varnishes are a perfect gift for any beauty lover – be it your mum, nan, aunty, friend, bestie, secret santa or daughter, the gift will definitely be appreciated. I’d also love links to your perfect stocking fillers this christmas, inspiration is always appreciated at the time of year!

Love, always.






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9 thoughts on “The Perfect Stocking Filler From Sensationail

    1. Me neither! They’re so good as well, they definitely know what they’re doing! It’s always good to give yourself a Christmas present x


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